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Full Version: New Ideas to Force Deep Throat
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Drill a hole at the base of the dildo up halfway. At the halfway point drill three holes going perpendicular to the first hole. Insert air hose into the first drilled hole. That hose is connected to a y hose, which have one leading to a vibrating inflatable butt plug and your release device. The butt plug is self explanatory as you blow on the dildo the air should pump up the butt plug inserted in to you. At the same time your release device is a balloon that in a 3” PVC pipe that attached to a hard point and is facing a direction that allow you to once the key or release tools is assessable. Blow-up the balloon, blow up your butt plug and suffer. Enjoy.
Interesting idea. One point, though. If a dildo is indeed inserted deep enough in your throat, if will be impossible to exhale through it.

The only possibility is to use a pump connected to the balloon through the dildo, and you would have to close the holes with your lips to "route" the air to the balloon. But the holes will be far away from your lips, so you must deep-throat it.
(06 Oct 2010, 02:37 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]If a dildo is indeed inserted deep enough in your throat, if will be impossible to exhale through it.

OK, it is possible with a 15cm dildo. Tried to breath through a 4x15cm enema-plug with success.
Mich9 is continuing developing the Blowjob program I started.

This program cab release you from a selfbondage session when you do a certain number of sucks (and it can be configured to perform deepthroats too).

The latest beta is 0.7 and you can download it from here: Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta 0.7 by Mich9

Here there are some screenshoots of the latest version:
[Image: BJ_gui.jpg]

[Image: BJ_gui1024.jpg]

A selfbondage scenario with this program may look like this:
[Image: calefaccionnnn.gif]

A: is the laptop (I strongly recommend to use a laptop instead a PC)
B: An external monitor or flat tv connected to the laptop to see the image infront of you.
C: The key that will set you free when the laptop opens the cd tray.
D: The webcam
E: a dildo attached to a radiator
F: a pair of handcufs cuffed to the bottom of the radiator.

You'll only have to stay in doggy style.

The program can also be used to perform scenarios where you have to fuck a dildo with your ass or vagina instead of giving it a blowjob to be free:
[Image: 75556842.jpg]

At the moment Mich9 is looking for some feedback to improve the program, so any feedback or report of errors will be welcomed in this thread of Boundanna's forum: Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta 0.7 Updated by Mich9

Greets from Barcelona
Very exciting scenario, but in the real life it's got nothing to do with "forced". You can easily cheat. All you have to do is to hide the coloured strip from the camera and then show it again. The dildo does not have to go in to be hidden. A human body is more flexible than a dildo 😉

The problem is hot to fix "the human body" against the dildo, so it does not slip out after a simple "wiggle". It's very difficult to do in bondage, let alone self-bondage.
I had a go with the blowjob program last night. It's a fun idea, but as Like Ra says, it's pretty easy to work around. I need to do further tests to get it running properly, but that sounds like fun in itself. What I can't see is an easy way to turn off the annoying habit it has of taking photos and storing them on my desktop. I don't want to see them, nor do I want them "discovered" by other people.
Just found this site

...and this idea Blow job release

I know there are some basic flaws in the design, but the concept is great and the artwork excellent.

A good new site?

(30 May 2012, 20:56 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]...and this idea Blow job release
Yeah, this method was discussed in several forums with the same result - it does not work 😉 Or it has nothing to do with deep-throating.

(30 May 2012, 20:56 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]A good new site?

The site is good. I like the art. Will add it to the self-bondage links.
(09 Dec 2011, 15:14 )qwertybcn121 Wrote: [ -> ]. . .Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta 0.7 by Mich9

. . . Selfbondage Blowjob Trainer Beta 0.7 Обновлено Mich9

И вы можете обновить ссылку