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Full Version: Cloudflare experiment
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I'm going to play with the free Cloudflare tier. This is what it offers:

What I find interesting:

- R2 storage 10GB
- R2 1mln Class A req/month
- R2 10mln Class B req/month
- Web Application Firewall (WAF)
- Simple Bot Mitigation
- Content Scraping Protection
- Rate Limiting
- Global Anycast DNS
- HTTP/3
- Direct Tor cloud connection
- DDOS protection
- Switching to page, should the server become unavailable
- Automatic updates of

The paid R2 storage is a bit cheaper, than Linode S3:
Cloudflare R2: $0.015 / GB
Linode S3: $0.02/GB

I'm going to move some big files to R2 (10GB extra file storage) and to make them available directly to everybody (but bots). That should free up PHP resources, and make proper playing possible (currently, all attachments are "streamed" through PHP processes).

Any thoughts? Ideas? Warnings? Gothas? Hints? Tips? Donations?
The first step is to migrate the DNS. Should take around 24hours. - Done
OK, something is activated... 😆
And something was broken, it looked like endless redirection. Then something started working again.

DNSSEC is setup.
So, caching works like a charm. But.... I see, that the forum, is broken on ... guess what? NON-Apple mobile devices!!!! For some reason, all forum links except threads are redirected to the main forum page. And no avatars are shown in the stats at the bottom of the main page. Works fine on desktops and iPhones.

Go figure... Help? Anybody?
And suddenly it began to work.
Chrome uses HTTP/3, Firefox uses HTTP/2, while HTTP/3 is allowed in Firefox. Why?
Can't make R2 work. Apparently, I don't understand how R2/S3 objects are supposed to be used. Yeah, speaking of the learning curve ...
A venture into the unknown - and opportunity to learn?

I confess, most of this thread means very little to me, but I salute your efforts and continuing dedication to making this forum a special place.

Thank you and  "Courage mon brave"

(01 Aug 2023, 01:59 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Firefox uses HTTP/2, while HTTP/3 is allowed in Firefox.

Now it uses HTTP/3. Sometimes it requires a couple of reloads. Looks like it's a Firefox issue.
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