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Full Version: Blank User Profiles
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I just noticed I'm unable to open any user profile, not even my own.

The links work, but the profiles all show up as blank empty pages.
Yup, just tried it myself and get the dreaded screen of failure


Oddly, if I go via 'User CP' and 'Edit Profile' its all there - so is must be an issue with the display function only?

Aha! Got it! I think I know why. Will have a look in 2 hours.
Hm... Not what I expected.... Still troubleshooting...
Ah, found it, fixed. Exactly what I thought, just a different template 😆
Confirmed, problem is now solved.
Thank you @Like Ra
Thanks for letting me know @RedEmeraldKitsune ! I thought I updated all templates after that iPhone fix.