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Full Version: •Living with Transvestism•
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Hey everyone ok SO recently I discovered through much research and talks with some of the medical professionals I know in my life that apparently (most-likely) I have what is considered a very rare diagnosis called "Transvestism".

<Poll: Is it really that rare?>

Transvestic-Disorder-Explained (Click Here.) 

• SO to start things off I Was just curious if anyone else has any familiarity with this and how it has played a role in your coming to be the person you are today. Would love to hear some stories of other people's journey with this. I'll be posting my story a little later today sometime. I want to really put some time into writing this for it will be the first time I've ever publicly published anything about this side of who I am. 

•To begin my name everyone calls me in everydaylife is Chris I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama (South-Side). Dicordced parents since 1 years old causing every other weekend trips to Atlanta,Ga to spend weekends with my Father / Grandparents.

 •The rest of my story as I said I will post later today. 
• I wanted to get this thread up and going first so others if needed or wanted to join me as we dive into what it means to be someone with this or even if you're just now discovering you have this or have known and had for as long as you can remember. I really appreciate all of you & Thank you so much for your time reading my post. I truly can say that I have come to love this community and all the beautiful people within it rather withing these forums & outside of them. ~Cheers~🥂

 Ps. Sorry if this is posted somewhere aeady. I looked and didn't see it and felt this was the correct place to post if not please feel free to re locate the thread to it's proper destination. 💞

How old is your doctor and how conservative is your community?

I think the last time this was the name was CIS folk was sometehing like early 1990s?
Without details it looks like a prank these days.

(29 Jul 2023, 13:52 )kaitlynkassidy89 Wrote: [ -> ]a very rare diagnosis called "Transvestism".

From the linked article:

Quote: Transvestic disorder is transvestism that causes clinically significant distress or functional impairment in one or more important areas of life.

Apparently, nowadays, crossdressing is so common, that it causes any "clinically significant distress or functional impairments" "very rarely"...
(14 Nov 2023, 16:06 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]From the linked article:

Quote: Transvestic disorder is transvestism that causes clinically significant distress or functional impairment in one or more important areas of life.

Apparently, nowadays, crossdressing is so common, that it causes any "clinically significant distress or functional impairments" "very rarely"...

The UN has since at least 2019 disassociated non-cis people from any "disorder" classification.

Any health professional these days who still looks at non-cis people as any kind of 'mental illness' is;
a) Uninformed
b) Fighting their own battle against 'Wokeism'
c) both of the above.
OK, they changed from “gender identity disorder” to “gender incongruence”, so it's "not a mental health condition". Frankly speaking, I don't understand the difference - apparently, there must be differences in "treatments", e.g. "do not try to cure homosexuality with electrocuting"?

And since it's not "a mental health condition", what for health conditions is it now? Or it's not "mental" in terms of "imagined"?
I might be a bit (a lot) biased being a transwoman, but like legit, this sounds like old school medicine trying to slap a label on something they don't quite understand.

I know everyone is different, and there are plenty of mental "uniquities" that science can't understand and refuse treat with an ethical notion.

In my personal experience, I used to crossdress before I had my canon moment and came out even to myself. I fell down the sissy hole and purged over and over and over again suffering from "severe mental distress". I had a eureka moment that felt like a mac truck hitting me at full speed. Like I was being slammed into another universe by the hand of some forgotten God who was sick of my suffering. The moment was when, after trauma dumping for about 3 hours, spread across a few sessions to a new therapist, the first real significant question she asked me was, "Have you ever considered you might be trans?". She paused, looked a bit dejected and concerned before she asked it. But the answer, my answer was, "No". No I never ever had considered it, I immediately denied it, and it was so unconvincing even I didn't believe it. Everything, the desire to be femme but not having the ability to pursue it, or the knowledge, or the social avenues were the things causing me my real turmoil. It's been over 2 years since that light bulb moment, and 17 months since I started HRT. I live and present as female 100% of the time, I am a woman in all respects aside from my farming parts as they say.

If you, whomever reads this that is, is in a similar boat, consider it, consider who you are, maybe you're a crossdresser, maybe.youre trans, maybe you suffer from the above mentioned "disorder". Whomever you are, I hope you find solace and ability to lose the stress and anxiety that comes with what you love doing. Everyone deserves to be happy, but not every medical institution, doctor, nurse really has your best interests at heart above their own political or religious ones.
Seems to be like another reoccurrence of the cycle that happened to ptsd, homosexuality, adhd and autism among many. Doctors and scientists tried to give a name and classify something they didn’t quite get or understand from lack of personal experience but simply tried to categorize in the annals of mental health issues. Unfortunately they kinda suffer from people seemingly being unable to empathize with the people affected, whereas depression and anxiety are far more relatable since practically everyone can have a bad day or feel sad.

Honestly the best answer in my opinion is to disregard the names that slap on the issues you have and more so just do what you need/want to fix the issues and be able to enjoy life. If cross dressing helps, do that. If becoming trans will help you go do it, if it’s too scary/risky don’t.
Science assumes classification 😉 No classification - no science. Official Western medicine (while not strictly a science) is founded on science. What actually helps does not always belong to the official Western medicine, and the official Western medicine might achieve the exactly opposite results, while still being based on science-based medicine.

In other words, the rescue of a drowning man is the drowning man's own job. Bootstrapping...

And if a miracle healing happens, the official Western medicine will most likely say, that the original diagnosis was wrong.