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Full Version: Bambi Sleep sound effects
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I've never messed with trying to unmix audio before, but here's my initial attempt at extracting the finger snap sound:

The balloon stretching sound (the one at the end just before the pop):

The pop and chime sound after the balloon bursts:

I've been fighting over an hour to get clean audio of the balloon inflation sound, but sadly, my übernoob audio skills just aren't up to the task, so I'm going to give up on that one for now.
I was browsing freesound for rpg sound effects while modding and stumbled across two files that seem to be base sounds for many of the giggling sound effects in the Bambi Sleep files:

Girl Giggling:

Girl Giggling Cutely:

The BS versions have been modified from these files by adding some reverb, etc., but these may be useful in recreating the sounds in your own mixes.
@CollectiveThought these are awesome!  thank you!!
Jfyo, the Bambi Sleep sound effects for "I want to be a good girl" that plays in the background of the files is taken from Mistress Clarissa - Be my good girl.

Does anyone know about the backround sounds?  I really would live to know more about them.
Do you actually mean sounds or voices? For sounds we have a dedicated thread:
(30 Oct 2023, 18:16 )sam_henry Wrote: [ -> ]Does anyone know about the backround sounds?  I really would live to know more about them.

I pulled most of the sound effects for my files from sound effect sites, youtube sound effect videos, as well as custom created ones, and various effects edited together.  If you wouldn't mind being more specific I might be of help.  

I am searching for a few clean sexy "yes" and "no"'s someone posted some but the they aren't clean enough for me.
Hey all, thought i'd throw my hat in the ring because I found the actual source of the fingers snap sound. It's actually every finger snap sound from this soundpack simply layered on top of each other. Honestly I was a bit surprised it was that simple. A bit late seeing people have aeady isolated the sound but still, it appears BP was quite fond of using this site so it's possible a lot of the classic BS sounds are from this site.
Nice find!
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