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Full Version: Lycra Art
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How come we do not have a thread dedicated to lycra swimsuit, leotard, catsuit, zentai art? Here it is now!

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And here comes the first shiny gymnastics leotard set (with stockings as a bonus).

Any rules for posting art?
(05 Jun 2023, 21:53 )kenwaynguyen Wrote: [ -> ]Any rules for posting art?
It should have lycra items, should be art (not real photos), preferably aesthetic and erotic. For the rest, use your common sense.
Oh, I didn't know there was this post!

You can find my art here:

I imagine all of my girls wearing lycra outfits, so I think it fits into this thread. There's some lore behind each of my OCs too. I hope you enjoy looking through the gallery.

I just love high-cut thong leotards! And they're even sexier when paired with gloves and masks  😁
Is it OK to post AI generated art of men in lycra here?
(02 May 2024, 00:38 )Jeffca1976 Wrote: [ -> ]Is it OK to post AI generated art of men in lycra here?
Absolutely. Girls with bulges are also very welcome 😉
(04 May 2024, 10:18 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]Loads here:
Aszmo - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt

Aszmo is in my "favourites"! He understands the subject!