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Full Version: Swimsuit Websites
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I want to dedicate a thread for websites that sells swimsuits that I know of. I will try to add more as time goes on.
You will have to learn how to use forwarding services for Japanese websites though.
This is a website that sells Japanese "sports" clothing, which includes school swimsuits, competitive swimsuits, cosplay swimsuits,...
Seems like they have been around for the last 25 years.

Sleeque Mystique:
Official Realise distributor for North America
I've ordered from them a few suits. They're solid.

For Europeans. They have a lot of suits: Realise - Poolsider, Pharfaite - SCHE/MEE, DiTAH, SwimHXBY, Arena, Asics, Mizuno, Oceanline. I wish NA has this much variety.

SwimHXBY Japan:
SwimHXBY's Japan branch, with lots and lots of variety to choose from
I've ordered 3 suits from them. They're all nice. Specialized in leotards, unitards and catsuits.
Strangely enough, the only reviews I can see are on Etsy. There's barely any discussion about their suits here.

Hirogato Swimsuit:
Hirogato's swimsuit branch. I have not ordered any swimsuits from here, but considering the quality of their main leotard page, I can safely assume their quality is also good. If anyone can purchase a few swimsuits from them and review them here, that will be great.
(02 May 2023, 22:58 )kenwaynguyen Wrote: [ -> ]Realise

(02 May 2023, 22:58 )kenwaynguyen Wrote: [ -> ]Pharfaite

(03 May 2023, 18:07 )kenwaynguyen Wrote: [ -> ]Hirogato
I can definitely recommend Pengu Swimsuits

Especially for anyone into high leg swimsuits...
Yes, I've been watching these suits on eBay: eBay: Pengu swimsuit

See also:
Tomsports Japan:
And its EN site:
Rare Japanese competitive swimsuits. Speedo, Asics, Mizuno, TYR. 
There is still some Speedo suits as of May 2023, but the rest are pretty much out of stock.