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Full Version: Shameless ManiaJuns Plug
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Noticed this section of the site and thought I'd share something I'd found online:
My Fetish Store

Pretty sure they're Chinese, but I have seen their stuff worn by the model on Reflective Desire ( &, which is where I got the company details from. So they seem to be legit if people out there are wearing their stuff.

Why go for ManiaJuns? Well, I don't care for regular kigcos outfits, but they have a few that you basically don't find anywhere else:

I've done plenty of looking around, but good full-face helmets that work with black latex are really hard to find without going all the way to big, heavy motorcycle helmets. Plus, the visors are very hard to see through from the outside, but look fine from the inside:


Edit: Attached images instead of direct links to them.
Please upload the pictures into the forum, so they will not depend on the source.
Thanks much @MasterDQ !
I know someone that has the second one (anime girl mask) and hopefully will be able to try it when I visit them in July. I've only ever heard good things about the product itself, except that they're expensive. It is on my list to eventually get one of these, but I've got other things happening before then.

@MasterDQ Nice profile pic
This is also them: My Fetish Store