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Full Version: Sorta New, Need some direction from fellow members please...
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Hi everyone, 

I've been a long time member of The Forum, but I'm still getting my comfort level figured out. I guess I can wholeheartedly say that I do have a pantyhose finish, and I'm not ashamed. I absolutely love women wearing pantyhose but on the flip side, I myself, and absolutely infatuated with wearing them, as well as cross-dressing. I have yet to become comfortable enough to wear anything in public as far as cross-dressing is concerned, but I'm taking steps in the right direction to maybe one day be able to. Anyway, I'm a very particular person and have a great amount of pride when it comes to detail and looking/feeling the best I can, and honestly, wanted to get some input from my fellow members of the forum, whether it be good, or bad, I'd love to hear anything on my progress and ability to put together a sexy look, at least before I venture out into the public eye..... I just don't care for the idea that I could get labelled as that person "wearing open toe shoes with pantyhose" lol  

That being said, I was super proud to have found an absolutely adorable dress at my local Goodwill the other day, and luckily today was able to find Pantyhose I've not had the pleasure of ever having worn, and of course, I adored getting to slip on my 5-inch stiletto pumps again, whew! So I took some photos to celebrate the occasion. Now I'm not a photographer by any means, and my camera is not of any high caliber type, but personally I'm totally thrilled with how they came out 🤩

thoughts, advice, criticism, applause.... any and all input is welcome, and ultimately necessary for me to grow in my own way 🙂 nonetheless, much love for all who share. 💓

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Definitely nice legs. The dress fits well, and looks good.

The most important thing is how YOU feel 😉

If you go out, do be prepared for looks with the tats (I have enough of my own lol). Even cisgen women with tats get looks.
Now this just me, ok?
I have friends that have tattoos. My Daughter has a few as well, I, personally hate them. I find them to be an ugly mark on Beautiful skin.
BUT… and let me make this clear. There are some truly beautiful tattoos, I’ll be the the first amit to it, but not on my skin.
If you like them, then by all means, go for it.
(30 Apr 2023, 02:31 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]tattoos
(29 Apr 2023, 19:14 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: [ -> ]tats

And (guess?) we have a separate thread for that: 😊
Yes, but I do love the dress.
(30 Apr 2023, 02:40 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(30 Apr 2023, 02:31 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]tattoos
(29 Apr 2023, 19:14 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: [ -> ]tats

And (guess?) we have a separate thread for that: 😊

I wasn't focusing on them. My comment at the end was just some words from someone who's been there done that.
(30 Apr 2023, 18:46 )vanessa_fetish Wrote: [ -> ]I wasn't focusing on them.
I did not mean your comment, it's more about bringing attention to the thread, should the discussion go in "that" direction 😊😇
Thank You everyone for the input, I truly appreciate it a ton . Took some more photos this evening, still feeling more and more motivated by the day!

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