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Full Version: Cocktail waitresses fetish
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(18 Aug 2023, 16:31 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Nylons, bodysuit with a short skirt. And bunny ears.
Ah, nice ... 🤩
(18 Aug 2023, 16:31 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]I think China still have bunny girls, but not the playboy type.
Back in the late 90s, China had an Internet cafe that was a place where the bunny girls would sit next to you and helped you learn and navigate the net with your computer.
Nylons, bodysuit with a short skirt. And bunny ears.
Most of the girl’s uniform were pink or lite blue,I believe, while the higher bunnies had black outfits.
That was over 22 years ago.

I never knew, seems like something Japan would do, though now that I think about it.  Never knew China had things like that.
I could be wrong about the location.
I have the picture on my old broken apple 2. The memory may still be good, but the phone is in pieces.
Encountered in Akihabara, Tokyo:
Apparently there is a bar/tearoom in which the waitresses are dressed like that.
There are a number of cafes and eateries that have outfits like that.
But the Covid put quite a few out of business.
Found another nice one of a southpoint waitress, really attractive tall one

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