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Full Version: Another reason to keep a stack of cash out of the bank.
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This came over the news to day when my Direct Deposit paycheck did not show up.
This morning, I check my bank as I do every morning. My paycheck did not show up. Ok, boss man forgot to process my paycheck. Right ?
Well, no. He did process process my pay.
As it turns out, our local government shut down the bank and Sallowed all assets and deposits.
So I didn’t get paid.
Luckily, I keep a stack of cash in storage just in case.
My boss, however, just lost 100 grand that he may never see for many a year.
I live  in a small EU country. Beleive or not, I've just read on some local news portal about that.  I hope that your money will be covered like this :

"...The FDIC, the independent government agency that insures bank deposits and oversees financial institutions, said all insured depositors would have full access to their insured deposits by Monday morning at the latest. It said it would pay an "advance dividend over the next week" to uninsured depositors...."
Yep, Silicon Valley Bank was/is in the news. Yet another panic reaction caused yet another collapse.
Oh, I’m covered. I do keep a bank account, but I keep enough in the bank to pay my bills.
Learned the hard was when the bank I used for years and years got bought or murged with another bank that I hated for years.

WELCOME TO ‘name of bank’ Here, have this gift from us to welcome you to YOUR NEW BANK.

I took the gift, went to the teller, made sure all checks were paid, CLOSED the account and dropped the gift in the trash can.
Thought that was it, Right ????


Got a letter in the mail/post….
Bank account overdrawn to the amount of $xxx.xx plus a service charge of 35.00 and 23% interest on the loan?????

Wtf ??????

A check, 3 years old…. THREE YEARS OLD….
That damm ass bank cashed it, reopened my account gave me a loan and started charging me fees.

I really hate banks.

Long story short, I walked into the bank, asked to see the branch manager and informed him that creating an account without my consent or authorization is cause for a massive lawsuit. I also ask why on earth would you cash a check that is also 3 F*****g years old???
I also referred my gripe to our county’s DA. And he wasn’t happy at all. No sir e bub. Not happy at all.

Two days later, I get another letter from the bank stating that my account is closed, I owe no money, apology, apology, apology.

Case closed. Thank the (deity of my choice).

That was over 20 years ago. I will never forget that bank.
(11 Mar 2023, 15:06 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]A check, 3 years old
Do you guys still use checks in the US?
Yes we do. Safer than sending cash in the mail.
Not every man, woman and child has a credit card reader.
A lot of us still believe in cold hard cash.
Requires no bank, no electricity, accepted everywhere when there is no power to run your computers, bank terminals, ATM machines and pool tables.
Banks in EU does not accept checks any more.  Because of that, lot of  people who earned their pension in US and now live my homeland have a problem.
Credit card reader? What about wire transfer? NFC pay? Tikkie? In EU credit cards are not that popular as in the US. Some countries still rely on cash (DE). Some countries forgot what the paper money look like (SE, NL). But then, yes, we are back to the bank and tax office dependancy 🤣
I even accept Dogecoin, nobody can prevent you from creating a wallet and sending/receiving coins (/crypto fanboy mode)
(12 Mar 2023, 14:03 )Anne Wrote: [ -> ]I even accept Dogecoin, nobody can prevent you from creating a wallet and sending/receiving coins (/crypto fanboy mode)
That reminds me to investigate crypto again (the server provider payment wise) - I could not find anything reasonable before.
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