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Full Version: Pick my swimsuit for next session
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I have literally dozens of swimsuits and leotards, for the next session I'm filming you can help me choose between these:

Option A:

Option B:

Option C:

Option D is option C but with a white satin skirt that I think looks very nice with it:

Of course I'll be wearing tights as well, I think I'll go for white with options B, C and D and black or nude for A but you can change my mind.

Also help me choose between:

 - hogtied (double ratchet like my last few sessions)
 - frogtied with hands on my back pulled high
 - spreadeagle on the bed
 - standing with or without spreader bar

I can only add one poll in this thread so please comment.

I'm thinking I'll put on my sensory deprivation hood so I can zone out for the duration.

Comment if you have additional requests or remarks, I'll see what I can do
Option A, frogtied 😉
I like these two separately and together!

(05 Mar 2023, 14:38 )Anne Wrote: [ -> ][Image: post_1425_1678022902_8791df1c6d787af3dbc..._thumb.jpg] [Image: post_1425_1678022902_96e0ed8bd79f055f260..._thumb.jpg]    

As for the session, I do not like frogtie, I don't find it erotic. Hogtie is always a good position, but I wonder what you would come up with the last option: "standing with a spreader bar". Sounds quite ... intense and dangerous.
I was going to do the winner of the poll/discussion but something has come up and I figured if I rushed things I could do a few quick ones now.

@Vixien  , @Lancer  (don't know which outfit you picked but it's a frogtie...)


@Like Ra , quick and simple hogtie maybe I find some time in the near future to do a double ratchet one.


For a standing one with the skirt you'll have to wait a bit longer, I need to find a spot where I can tether myself so I don't fall on my face and that's suitable for filming.
Great videos, love them 😊 and especially the "choose" outfits