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Full Version: late-ish? Introduction
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Honestly just completely missed this section and would have continued to miss it if not for @pixie's post (thanks for that) but better late than never right???

Hello everyone, I'm dhf7b8g, and no the name doesn't have any meaning, I randomly generated it 5 or 6 years ago and have used it for my anon accounts ever since.
It's probably better to just call me d or Dee, not even I remember my whole username.

Long time lurker, but I have started posting in the past few months.
I'm from the UK, don't let my sporadic posting times fool you!
I don't have attachment to specific pronouns, so you can use he/him, they/them or she/her. I don't mind

My kink enjoyments include: (self)bondage, hypno, denial/chastity, Kigs, pantyhose, latex and basically anything tight fitting
My non kink enjoyments include: tech, software development, homelabs/selfhosting and anime/manga/related topics

I like women and feminine men 😊
(17 Feb 2023, 04:50 )dhf7b8g Wrote: [ -> ]thanks for that
Pleasure to be of service.
Another 100% kinky match 😋
(17 Feb 2023, 06:22 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]Another 100% kinky match
It's easy to match kinks when your kinks are all the kinks - giggle
(17 Feb 2023, 06:28 )pixie Wrote: [ -> ]It's easy to match kinks when your kinks are all the kinks - giggle
No guro! No snuff! No necro! No wool! No cotton! No sniffing! etc... etc .etc ...

This is for me, that is ... 😉