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Full Version: Латекс - снежный, морозный, ледяной, холодный фетиш
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Обожаю смотреть, как девушки в латексе и без латекса дрожат от холода. Это меня сильно заводит.
Есть такие на форуме?
Присоединяйтесь к этой теме.
Good day. I moved from warm Bulgaria to cold Norway.
When I arrived in Norway, I lived for some time near the Oslo airport. There was a large bus station near the airport, where I watched the girls who flew in from warm countries. I decided to start doing street photography (photos and videos) to share my exclusive photos and videos with you. I created a personal page on which I will post my photos and videos.

If you are interested in my endeavor, then you can support me with a donation or watch something from my published photos and videos.

For each publication, I write a detailed story about what happened when I took the photo or video.
The page has different subscription levels. I think that you will be very interested to see my exclusive photos and videos. In the future, I will definitely delight you with the best photos and videos with the sounds of girls ssss..... and shivering from the cold.

Now, I live in a city that does not have an airport. There are other places in this city (bus stops, railway stations) where you can see girls and women freezing and shivering from the cold. I will continue to make interesting cold photos and videos of girls and women.