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Full Version: Erotic lingerie on eBay and Aliexpress
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Sexy lingerie related thread!

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Just seen this on the right -
Yes, looks cheap, but, for some reason, I find this bodysuit quite erotic. And it might work for men, who want to accentuate their breasts.

Quick link:
Can be interesting.
Another (kinda similar) quick link:

Me too, but 3x is too small for me.
I hope it's elastic...
I’ll find out when it gets here.
Well, the outfit showed up. 3X

As usual, it’s 3 sixes too small.
Snug fit I can handle. But 3X is like uk 12.
Really… Even my friend, who is a size 12US found it hard to squeeze into it. Let alone trying to zip it up with has to be the tiniest zipper on this planet.

Oh well, into the trash it goes, never to see the light of day.

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