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Full Version: Catsuit question.
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Hi all,

Here's a topic that came up on my FetLife page, what cut of catsuit 'bottom' is your favourite and why? We can call the two types 'leotard' (seams from the crotch up and over the hips)


and 'leggings' (with just a central seam).


I prefer the 'leotard' cut, I think it makes your legs look longer, I like the absence of a waist seam and I find it more comfortable when tucked. The opposing school of thought is that a 'leggings' cut gives you better bum definition, no seams across your buttocks and the potential for a camel toe.

What say you?
I prefer the "leggings" cut. I'm a big leotard fan but leotards made into catsuits ruin it for me, especially if they have a high cut look.
The leotard will give you a leaner and longer legs. But only if you have shaved legs.
Leggings will cover or help hide leg hair.
Personally, I like the simi-high cut leotard over high waist pantyhose.
I prefer the cut as seamless as possible, but if I have to choose between these two variants, it’s the leotard cut hands down.
Speaking of catsuits, leotards and leggings, there has been questions about sizes and tightness.
For me, 3X from ebagstore on eBay fits me very tightly. Could 4X fit better? Don’t know. They don’t make anything larger than 3X. Also have a swimdress that would fit me better if it was one size larger.
But I did find this on YouTube.
Stretching your spandex to fit.
I’ll see if I can paste a link.
Here is the link on stretching spandex.


Hope it works.
I prefer the look of the swimsuit style patterned catsuit but I don't have any in my wardrobe yet although I do have some on order. I've always read that the leotard cut gives the best butt definition, however, that would depend on where they choose to make the seam. Bright & Shiny seem to make there's more into a thong shape to help spread the cheeks apart but other brands have the seam lower like a regular leotard. I don't know which is better, they both look good to me.
(03 Sep 2022, 17:37 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Here is the link on stretching spandex.


Hope it works.

I have one catsuite which is a little bit short for me. Will try some of  method mentioned in this video.
You know, I have this swim dress that I just love to peices.
I also notice that when it gets wet, it seems to fit better.
So maybe I’ll try this stretching tonite.

Hey Ra….
Maybe we should make a separate thread on spandex stretching. What do you think ???
One thing I never buy nowadays are 'through-the-crotch zip' catsuits. I have a couple from way back and they're incredibly uncomfortable, at least to me. I go for neck-entry or half-back zip suits now, far more comfy.
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