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Full Version: Chastity by stretching and compressing penis?
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Was just wondering. If you pulled a flaccid penis to its maximum length, then insert a urethral tube and then encased the entire penis so that it cannot physically get any larger what would happen? It can't displace anything and the spongey tissue is aeady compressed and cannot expand. 

Would you just end up with an incredibly painful chastity? Or would it stop your erection with no side effects?
I would thing that the blood pressure would still find a way to prerssurise the spongy tissue, but then woudl probably have issues in backing down again.

Like your thinking though!
Not really sure what you’re talking about, but I do know that if you place your penis in a tube, long or short, unless it’s covered all the way, the blood will expand the penis to the point that your pee tube will close up. Peeing will be painfull as well as damaging your Dick. Want to see blood coming from your Dick????

On the other hand, a non collapsible urethra tube that has been inserted so it just touches your bladder, then you can compress or tuck the head into your body to give you that slim look that only girls have.
And you can still pee.