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Full Version: business trip to Italy
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business trip to Italy 

Next Tuesday I am going to Italy for a week from work for training and a factory visit.
from 7 to 10 June I will go by plane with suitcase in hold!
† On Sunday before, I will remove the metal cleaning under supervision and change the plastic cobra with plastic number lock.
The plan so far is:
Sleeping bag latex, Mask latex, PVC suit, Plastic chaste, plug in sock, rope and straps
Diaper 1 for all nights and timer padlock on suitcase.
Until now this plan
The night plug in, diaper on, PVC suit and mask, then in sleeping bag for the night, rubber collar on, timer padlock on the zipper of the business through the collar, so that nothing can get out.
Which I fasten to the bed with straps and rope Wear the same diaper every day, maybe before going to bed every day first x time wet diaper over head to get extra horny
Additional assignments and ideas are welcome
toys and clothing see my site and
sounds like you are going to have a fun trip!!