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Full Version: [SOLD] "Bondage Life" magazines - 65 issues
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I’m doing some cleaning in my mini storage here in the north sections of California.
I have a pretty much all issues of Bondage Life magazines. Out of the 75 issues, I think I’m missing only 10..... more or less.
I paid well over 10 bucks for each issue.
But I will sell the whole lot at $50.00.
That’s less than a buck each.
The whole problem is, it must be sold to someone in the USA.
Also, the shipping will need to be added.
I have other magazines and catalogs as well.
The thing is, I’m getting up there in age and I would rather see them go to a good home and not into the Dumpster.
Thanks Ra for correcting my post.

Bondage life magazines.
Magazines sold, shipped and delivered.
Thanks everyone