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Full Version: Feet in nylons
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I have an odd fetish.  Not only do I have a foot fetish, I am turned on by my own feet.  Strange, I know.  I don’t find myself attractive, but I actually get off on my own feet when my nails are painted and I’m in hose.  I love when a woman puts my heels on me…  I love rubbing my feet on a woman’s breasts .
I don't remember the post location and I am too lazy to find it but there was someone who made a pair of feet stocks and locked himself in them and one of the photos gave me an erection and I don't even have a foot fetish. Think it was titled magic stocks or something.

Edit: spare you the trouble.
(13 Jul 2022, 01:34 )Highinheels66 Wrote: [ -> ]I’ve always been odd
Is it why you make posts and then delete them? 😉
(13 Jul 2022, 03:29 )Highinheels66 Wrote: [ -> ]I won’t do that anymore. I’ll either let it alone or let’s it there.  This isn’t therapy hour, so I won’t go there, but I am Confused.  I love taking part in this, but I am indeed a straight male who has “odd” fetishes .  And I am thankful this is a place that accepts them.  I am trying to figure out if I should go with it or stop.  I’m sorry I yo yo on posts. I won’t anymore.  I’m A straight male who likes to dress  alone and with women and I also like to talk to like minded men, and I have even been turned on when men have responded well to my pics.   But- I am not interested in men at all.. but I like when they look at me and converse. These are things that I can’t figure out.

The flow of thought on this one is a bit odd ngl. The important part is in realizing that you don't have to be gay or bi to like things. You can like things just cause and that is aight, sometimes the things we do in the name of pleasure are odd or weird even to our non horny selves but that is OK. If you enjoy sexualizing your own feet that is aight if a bit unique. 

Normally people don't sexualize a part of themselves different but you have a foot fetish, your enjoyment of specifically feet might mean that you don't really think about the rest of your body in a sexualized manner and thus prefer normal male clothing. Your feet however are the only part you see as sexualized but since you are straight sexually you prefer the way women sexualize feet as in nylons, fishnets, nails etc. In more layman's terms you might have a cross dressing fetish being constrained to your feet because of a foot fetish.
Thank you. That helps a lot. Makes a lot of sense. Thanks again.