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Full Version: Hey, can I ask you something?
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Although I've been around the forums for a little over a year now and have interacted with some of you, I think this subforum is the most fitting.

Do you think my username is offensive/misogynistic?

I have to admit I chose it on a whim and it caters to the submissive side I discovered around the time I joined, so I only apply it to myself. Personally I'd never refer to another woman as a "whore" (unless she explicitly asked me to during play).

Does it put you off?

I'd really appreciate some feedback.
3 points from me:

- It's an adult website with some expected X-rated content
- Username and avatars are means to represent the image, the user behind wants to project/introduce/present him- or herself to a particular group (think of subpersonalities)
- Usernames and avatars can be changed by users
Its pretty much "in your face" (pun intended! 😉 ) ... but its not out of context with the forum!
no real issues from me

but if you are having second thoughts, change it, if you are no longer comfortable with it as @Like Ra says.. it can be changed
A bit on the aggressive side but nothing too odd for a bdsm forum. If it makes you feel any better my account was named after a video game enemy. Like everyone else pointed out the key us that names are just identifiers, if you don't like em just change em.
Doesn’t bother me none.
I changed my avatar 3 times.
Before the fire,
After the fire,
One other time
And the current one.

I guess, whatever turns you on, floats your boat, gets you off,
So go for it. I have seen some good ones and really horrible ones.

So, I’m ok
For what it's worth - no, it doesn't bother me either.

The name is one you've chosen for yourself, for whatever reason (random word generation, personal whim, turn-on, momentary lapse of reason  😁 ) and so, to my mind, it's personal to you rather than being a wider statement. 

Your post did get me thinking about words/names in general and the ones that are more specifically linked to the world of BDSM.

I confess that there are some I dislike, finding them spoiling a story or altering how I perceive a person or scene. And yet some of those words are also in the user names of people I regularly communicate with and, so far as I can tell, those people have no association to the appellations they have given themselves.  

Am I mad? I like to think not! Is my given name Jack? Nope! - so what's in a name?  😋

(19 May 2022, 08:05 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]what's in a name?
Indeed 😬
(25 Apr 2022, 15:54 )Bound Whore Wrote: [ -> ]Does it put you off?

I'd really appreciate some feedback.

Nah, it doesn't.  Whatever you choose is personal to you.  No one can know what it does or doesn't mean to you and it's futile to try to make those assumptions.  I've literally never given anyone's username a second thought as, to me, it's just a way to organize our contributions in a more humanly recognizable way. 

For instance, I'm sure some in a more vanilla setting would figure out that my name references s&m and make the assumption that I'm like that, however, no one would know unless I told them that I'm not really sadistic or masochistic at all.  It's just a username that I found to be unique, at the time, and was a way for me to hide a bit of not-specific-to-me kink in plain site since I started using it in video games.  The point I'm trying to make is that my own username has no real meaning to me so I tend to not make assumptions about anyone's like, dislikes or tendencies based on what username they have.  I know not everyone is like me, though.  Some people are always looking to champion a cause.  In your case, there is a non-zero chance that some SJW could see your username and get fired up about it but I, personally, don't think you'll ever have an issue on this forum.
(19 May 2022, 17:31 )essanym Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure some in a more vanilla setting would figure out that my name references s&m
... that never crossed my mind ... 😆
(19 May 2022, 17:37 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]
(19 May 2022, 17:31 )essanym Wrote: [ -> ]I'm sure some in a more vanilla setting would figure out that my name references s&m
... that never crossed my mind ... 😆

Ahh geez, I figured everyone on this forum saw it.  Something else I should not make assumptions about.  Rolleyes
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