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Full Version: Online source for vintage Bondage Art (Willie, Stanton etc.)
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I recently remembered that a friend of mine back in my early teens somehow got hold on some bondage comics and we used to hang out and read them. I don't recall it being an explicit sexual/sensual experience, I was just fascinated by the aesthetic. Something tingly going on in the nether region, sure, but I probably was too young to acknowledge what a "fetish" was.

Searching both the internet and my hazy memories (it was easily around 40 years ago), I think it might have been the works of either John Willie or, more likely, Eric Stanton. Not Bishop, I'm sure of that.
Are there any other artists that fall into that kind of style?

Does anyone here know of an online repository for their works?

Fake Edit: To answer my own question, this site looks promising, but it's not focused on vintage bondage art.
At least it has an extensive collection of Stanton's work. Looks like I have some research to do.

Real Edit: Welp, just found the Archives section in the forums. How did I miss this? Fool2

Yup, it most definetly were "Bizarre Comix" my friend had.
Unfortunately it looks like those are really hard to come by these days.
(20 Apr 2022, 18:13 )Bound Whore Wrote: [ -> ]just found the Archives section in the forums. How did I miss this? [Image: fool2.gif]
I see them on eBay once in a while, along with Bondage Fairies.
Yep, bondage fairies is on eBay,
Book 1-6, about $150.00