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Full Version: UmaIvyism, a shameless plug!
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I’d argue this is LARP rather than cosplay but there’s a community out there who have a fetish about Uma Thurman playing Poison Ivy in Joel Schumacher’s 1997 ‘Batman and Robin’. I count myself one. It was a truly dreadful film that killed the franchise for may years, redeemed only by Uma enthusiastically channelling Marlene Dietrich in a variety of rubber and lycra costumes. A web-page originator defined the fetish as ‘UmaIvyism’. He later purged and I asked him if I could take on the term, to which he agreed.

So I set up a page on DeviantArt ‘TheUmaIvyistRevival’, loosely based on Revivalist cults in the USA, ‘Born again’, ‘Rapture’ nonsense. Don’t forget, this is how the Mormons started 😊 And the less said about Scientology the better!

TheUmaIvyistRevival User Profile | DeviantArt

Incidentally, the originator of the term soon returned, purging never works. Embrace your Goddess!