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Full Version: [FOR SALE] Male Chastity Belts (not cages)
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Given recent happenings and changes in my life, my need for male chastity devices has, well, vanished. Now I have a small collection that I need to offload, but don't want to see them go to waste. I do have smaller attachable cages I need to offload (including a Vice), but that will be a separate post as I still need to get many pictures... đŸ˜”

Sizing should be easier. I am a little bigger, so anyone on here who is under 138kg (~300lbs) is likely to be able to fit any of these.

I have 3 belts available. They were all acquired by means of eBay or Ali, so not exactly luxury goods, thus not going to be asking a terrible amount.

The first one is one that has seen some use, modification, and care. It's a lovely pink theme, and was my favorite for some time. <3

This one is steel cable belt covered in pink silicon tubing. Has an aluminum cup with the same pink silicon lining.  It has had some modification to the attachment to allow the cup to sit low (high belt around a waist) or sit high (low belt, under a belly).

Per the picture, the waist cable is currently set to accommodate a 116cm hip/waist/body circumference. There is an extra 36cm of belt cable hidden inside the crotch cord in case you need to fit something up to ~150cm.
The cage portion itself is about 6cm long with a diameter of ~3.6cm, with the covering plate being 12~13cm long. Was really hard to measure that part accurately.
Crotch cord is currently set to 28cm from the back to the bottom of the cup, with an extra 13CM stashed away inside the waist cable tubes.

  • Attachable hard steel plug that's ~17cm long with beads starting at 2cm diameter getting up to 3cm diameter at the bottom bead.
  • ~180cm of extra 7mm diameter pink silicon tubing
  • Extra hardware bits, including extra clamps, screws, and nuts. Also includes tiny "wrench" and turning keys so you can adjust this thing to your heart's content (while it's off 😁)
  • Padlock with two keys (not pictured)
I have washed this thing with antibacterial soap, but it's been sitting in a dusty closest for months. It won't be body fluid gross when you get it, but there's likely going to be some dust with some potential carpet/hair bits because it apparently fell out of it's box at some point and has been sitting on the carpet for god knows how long. 

Suffice to say I still highly encourage giving it a good wash before adjustment and use. 😉

Asking price: $50 USD + whatever it's going to cost to ship it to you. I'll keep it as cheap as I can unless you want insane bonkers-fast shipping. 😅

The next two aren't as "good" and "loved" as the first one. These are belts that got adjusted to fit, and worn a couple of times before hitting the closet floor. They're the Black Emperor brand you can probably still find all over Ali and eBay.

First up is the black cage model.

Belts are currently set to ~115cm circumference like the fancier pink one. These don't have any extra cables hiding in them, though. If you're bigger than 115cm around where the belt itself is going to fit, this (and the next one) won't fit you. 😟

  • Lock with two keys
  • Adjusting hardware
  • Spare screws
Asking price: $30 USD + whatever it will cost to ship it to you

Finally, a pink covering model.

Again, ~115cm circumference with no extra cabling hidden anywhere to make it bigger.

  • Lock with two keys
  • Adjusting hardware
  • Spare screws
Asking price: $30 USD + whatever it will cost to ship it to you

These are it for now. If interested, reply or send me a PM and we can work out shipping costs and payment. Will update post accordingly per this subforum's rules.

If I need to ship internationally, the description "support harness" is about as detailed as I'm going to get on the customs forms. 😜

If I can't sell these here, I will probably just scrap them, recycle/sell whatever steel parts I can, and throw the rest out. Would much rather someone get my money's worth out of these things. 😉