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Full Version: Deep throat challenge machine
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Person is in pencil and yes I forgot the arms and machine is in blue pen.

Stand on bace of machine and lock feet in. put neck on device on and lock in.
Make sure ass fucking machine is in and put cock into vibrating device that can turn on when "x" amount of points are reached 

Aim. Deep throat cock and as you do the more you go down on the cock, the more the cock goes up your ass.
There is a minimum point on neck connecting rod which registers as 2 points for every time hit.
1 point is removed for ever second passed but can't go below 0.
You need for example 200 points to turn on the cock vibrator and 400 points to release the lock on your hands which are cuffed in front of you on machine. Lock is on a timer and will release anyway after say 2 hours if can't complete the game.

Let me know thoughts đŸ˜ƒ