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Full Version: DIY fishtail / hobble skirt / leg binder - dragon style
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I aeady posted this in another place, but I wanted this subject to be a bit more exposed.

Over the last few days, I made my first fetish garment, I call it a fishtail, others might call it a hobble skirt or leg binder. It is a tube of slightly stretchy cloth that encases the legs from ankles to the hips. On the back, the ends of the cloth hang down, it reminds me a bit of a dragons tail. At the waistline it is closed by a zipper. Total cost was 17 Euros and a couple of safety pins. I used cloth from a rubberised matress cover (used in hospitals) - brand new but it had been returned from a customer and therefore could not be sold. Any fabric can be used, I think you get the best results with a string but slightly flexible fabric. The design is also made in a way, that it doesn't reveal it's real nature. So you can have the stitching be done by any tailor. I told mine that it was a lamp cover over a wire frame. The design is simple, it works but it can be improved. In order to keep this text short, I won't talk about alternatives.

Here is what we are talking about:


And here is how to make it:

You need
- a piece of cloth, about 1.20m x 1.20m, depending on your size
- safety pins or simple pins as used by tailors (I strongly recommend safety pins)
- packaging adhesive tape or similar
- a pen that writes on the tape
- a pair of tights, leggins or other skin-tight pants, unless the tape will safely stick on your bare skin
- a tailor or sewing stuff and the appropriate skills

Put on tight pants (leggins, tights, etc.) and stick packaging tape on one leg lengthwise, from foot to the waistline. Make a mark on the tape every few centimeters. Now use a flexible tape or a string to measure around both of your legs at each of the markings, write these measurements down. It depends on the tightness you want to get, how tight you pull the measuring tape or string, it also depends on the strechability of the fabric. You can adjust the measurements later, don't worry too much. If in doubt, make it wider for now. Carefully remove the tape and put it flat on a table or, even better, directly on the cloth you want to use.

Take a piece of cloth that is a bit longer the desired length of the fishtail and about 5 to 10 centimeters wider than the longest measurement you have taken from your legs. Now stick the tape exactly to the center of the cloth lengthwise. Fold the cloth at this center line, inside on inside.

Now carefully transfer all measurements to the cloth as follows: From a mark on the tape, measure half of what is on your list to the outside of the cloth, stick a pin here through both layers of the fabric along the seam to be. Actually, stick it through both layers, then back a few millimeters along. Do this for all markings on the tape. Most probably, the tube will become narrow at the hips again and you have to experiment rather than rely on the measurement here. Don't pin the cloth together here, just mark the spots with pins or a pen. It might be a good idea to pin the upper and lower seams as well. I didn't on my first try and the result was a bit of a surprise, still okay though.

Now try the tail on. If the ankle opening is very small, make it wider - adjust the pin. If you have strong calves, let your feet hang down, this will relax the calf muscles and make them slimmer. If this doesn't help, move the pins outside that stop you. Check the tightness and fit all over. It is a bit difficult to adjust the position of the pins while wearing the tail, so better remove the tail first, this is a trial-and-error procedure. Once you have the tail on and the width is correct everywhere, fold in the upper and lower ends where you want the end seams to be. Pin the cloth down there with a few needles too.


I am not sure about the order. You can either sew the hems on the upper and lower end or create the tube first. When you stitch the tube, leave enough space open for the zipper. My prototype has a very short zipper and it is pretty hard to close it, better have a longer one, perhaps 15 to 20 centimeters. Finally, add the zipper.

This is very basic sewing, I am sure many people could do that by themselves. I asked a tailor and told him, it was a cover for a wild designer lamp.

A few ideas:

Just a zipper is iffy, it might get open. If you add a wire hook and eye around the upper end of the zipper, it will be safer. Perhaps velcro is even better. Skirts and pants have a button for a reason, but that becomes complicated and it will be more difficult to tell a tailor a harmless story then.

You can't make the ankle part perfectly tight, unless you have very slim feet. Instead, you can add a zipper (and hook) there too (allows to slip the cover over the top of the lamp, which sticks out 😉 ). Still, my prototype is very tight on the calves and also pretty tight on the ankles, I can hardly do steps of 2 centimeters and I couln't step onto a brick.

If you do the stitching by yourself, you can leave much more cloth at the feet and create the fin out of that (for example you can wear a monofin and cover it with that cloth).

You can make the upper seam (and the lower too actually) wide enough to insert a draw string to pull tight there.

Any ideas for improvement are welcome. If you have questions, ask here, I will do my best to answer them.

My prototype is very nice, except for one glitch in stitching that I will get fixed soon. I am wearing it for about two hours now, it is still very comfortable. Bending my legs is difficult but possible, it requires the fabric to stretch.
Nobody excited? Well, I didn't really expect it, but I hope, that many anonymous readers are inspired by this project.
It IS interesting, but speaking about myself, for example, I'm not in to any sewing or complex DIY projects. I'm bad at sewing, cooking and talking to people 😉

Also, I prefer latex and I have a latex "single stocking" (the idea is essentially the same).

But I bet, as you said, there are always people "out there" . And the more such DIY projects, the more interested people will come here. And, I'm pretty sure you did not expect that I'm a big fan of Indian music 😉

No posts, no articles, no content - no "hits", always "nisses". So, please keep 'em coming!