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Full Version: Bondage, self bondage and room construction
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Need a room for my shop.
Ok, here is what I’m doing. My shop is cold. There is no heat except a propane heater. So what I need is a small room that is needed. So, while I’m thinking about it, I might have a bit of fun in the room as well. The room is dorm room size, 8ft by 12ft with an 8ft ceiling.
Of course, there will be a bed, Captain’s bed, my computer desk, fridge and a small dresser.

But why stop there?

I’m going to add some steel hooks or rings to hang some lighting. These rings will have a dual purpose. Mostly for lighting, but also for some self bondage as well.

Here are 3 small Dorm rooms that I’m looking at. I have only an 8 X 12 or 14 feet to work with.
Tell me what you think.
There are no directions (north south etc.) on the images. This could be important for the desk position. If you will use the desk mostly for computer work, you don't really need daylight. If that is the case:
I would put the bed alongside the wall with the window, use the desk as a bedside table and as a desk, then you have a wider room and you could place the fridge next to the cabinet. In the second room, I would also put the bed alongside the window, then have desk, fridge and cabinet on the wall, where the bed was. In the third room, I would move the bed to the small wall opposite the door and the desk to the window, unless that place is bad for the screen (bad view). Apart from that, I'd like the first room best, even with the original setup.
I like the first room as well. But the door needs to be moved. The head is pointing North. There are no windows in this room.

This room, which will be located in a warehouse, will give me a better place to sleep instead of a cot where I’m at now.
Design 1 and 2 look the same in my opinion. Having lived that cramped shitty dorm life room 1 is best.

If cold is an issue an odd way to fix it is to turn the back side of the mini-fridge to where you are at. Most somewhat efficient mini fridges are also compressor driven and the compressor at the back usually has a radiator to cool which you could use to warm up your room. While safety wise being questionable I would have it heat up the blankets/covers to ensure they are warm, one of the few comforts I had living the dorm life.

Also I wouldn't recommend a mini fridge. I would go for a chest freezer and just turn the temperature to be above freezing (model dependant). They are far more efficient in terms of power usage and usually more efficient for storage capacity at the coat of convenience. Usually they also leak less cold air into the room when opened.

I understand that you might not want to share too many details or whatever but if there is any way I can help or any questions you have please dear God just ask.
My solution to increase space when I was a student was to raise the bed 1.6m above the floor and install the desk under the bed. Get a bed that has steel pipe frame, remove caps/protectors from bed feet and insert tall steel pipes into the bed feet to extend them. Drill some holes and anchor the frame with steel cables in X shape on 3 sides, so it won't move. At that height you can use the side of the bed for arms bondage when standing.
These are great ideas. I like the mini fridge as a heater. Never thought about about that.
Now to answer most or all of your questions, I got stuck living in this warehouse when the house I was renting burned down in 2018. From then on, I have living on an open floor plan, on a cot. I share this space with my military jeep, a bird, arcade machines and a collection of raioad gear. There is a restroom.

This wearhouse/shop is 50 feet long and 35 feet long. The large roll up door is big enough to allow me to back a 40 ft Similar Trailer into the shop without any problems at all. The roll up door faces south. I sleep on an army cot in the back side of the shop. I’m 66, by the way. The restroom is located on the north west side of the shop. That’s the basics of the current layout.
The room I thinking about will be located just south, connecting to the restroom. That’s why I have space for a small 8 X 12-14 foot room. By the way, the restroom door is facing east and will not be connected to the small room.

Reason for small room? I have a captain bed I would like to sleep on, but it can be seen through the glass door leading into the shop. Also, I would like to get back into self bondage, see back to basics in self bondage/rope, and a few hooks in the ceilings and walls is also not a bad idea eather.

So with that in mind, the bed and desk can stay in place for now. The computer desk may be moved and replaced with a fridge, table top with drawers and book shelves. The door needs to be moved from the south, as shown in picture 1 to face east, like the restroom door.

I think I answered all questions.
[attachment=51995]Picture of warehouse/shop facing south from restroom.
So much space! Why not buy a camper / caravan and park it in there? You will have a lot more comfort than a tiny bedroom and you can move at anytime without loosing everything you build in that room.
That picture is 3 years old.
I have 3 full size raioad signals, a M151A2 military vehicle, arcade games and an electronic repair station with a 6 foot engine lathe.
So the shop is pretty full.
Pantyhose and swimsuits take less space, definitely 😉
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