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Full Version: MJ-SB02/2021 – Lycra suit and ice, a close call
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MJ-SB02/2021 – Lycra suit and ice, a close call!

One of my ‘lock-down’ purchases had been a Lycra suit, with built-in gloved fingers and feet (no hood, but nice high neck). I’d quickly tried it on, but hadn’t had any chance to really try it out, this was my first session and I wanted it to be a good long one, along with my new 40cm long butt plug. This was very nearly a very long session, so read on for a series of unfortunate events!

Lycra suit
Lycra hood
40d ‘control top’ tights
Silicon Ball-gag
Knee-high stockings
silicon breast forms & bra
High-heeled lace-up ankle boots
40cm (16”) long butt-plug
Rope & Chains
Ratchet and ice release
Various collars


The session:
As you can see, I’d tipped virtually all my fetish kit out onto the bed and the first thing to do was sort out the bits to use and tidy away the rest.


With that done I quickly prepared what I could on the bed. The intention was for a comfortable, but restrictive tie, something I’ve had great success with in the past. I was so confident about my arrangements that I almost didn’t set up an emergency escape (scissors on the end of a long length of cord) but at the last moment I did – thank goodness I changed my mind!


My outfit would be the new suit with a hood, but first I wanted to add a few extra elements to spice things up. The first thing to do was slide in the 40cm butt plug! (I blame @"ltxrob" this was all his doing) – lubricated up it was, as @ltxrob  says, a bugger to get in, but in it went I I was more stuffed than I’ve ever experience and it was a very pleasant feeling!
I had decided to go for a ‘tuck’ but after messing about for ages came to the conclusion that my tape had lost its stickiness and I’d need to try a different approach. I tucked my cock and balls as best I could then pulled on a pair of tight ‘control top’ tights to hold things in place.
I wanted a more feminine form, so added my silicon boobs in a bar, before pulling on the Lycra suit and hood, then lacing up my boots. My boobs added a profile I could use to better create my rope harness (more work needed on that, but it felt nice and worked so that was a good outcome so far as I was concerned.


My gag went in (question: is it only me who likes to gag themselves early in a session?) and I roped my legs together before using a chain to attach my ankles to the foot of the bed – this was the first step in my design to secure me in place with little to no movement.


More chains followed as I did my best to fix myself in the middle of the bed. One chain was fixed to the back of my rope harness and another to the rope around my legs, above my knees. I put a couple of knee-highs over my head, both to make it impossible to spit out or remove the gag and to limit my vision and then a third chain was attached to a collar around my neck, further fixing me in place.

I’d also arranged a crotch rope coming from the top bed post behind me, between my legs and then around the other bed post to my front (see pictures) – with my tucked cock this proved to be surprisingly effective stimulation. 


Finally, after a quick check that everything was in place (tricky, given I was aeady fairly well tied up and restricted in my ability to move) I roped my wrists together using a ‘figure of 8’ method.
I use this as it is comfortable and can be made very snug – possibly a bit too snug at times…


I looped the end of the crotch-rope around my bound wrists, so that I couldn’t move them very far downwards (towards the foot of the bed) and then attached the end of the rope connected to the ratchet in a similar manner (in this case the ratchet would stop me pulling my wrists up the bed).

With deep breaths, I pulled on the cord that would tighten the ratchet rope. Every time I do this the ‘click-click-click’ of the ratchet gives me a strange thrill, as it signals my impending helplessness (until the ice melts).

My set-up was that the one-way rope would pull my wrists down the bed until the crotch rope came tight, fixing my wrists in place. Further pulling on the rope through the ratchet would then result in both ropes tightening up, cinching the ropes aeady binding my wrists in a kind of two-way lock. 

On reflection this was one of the things I did wrong, but for the right reasons at the time. I’d adopted an approach that had been successful before, forming a simple ‘sliding’ loop in the rope from the ratchet that would cinch the rope around my wrists. What I’d not done was a ‘double’ cinch with one sliding loop on the ratchet rope and another on the crotch rope – this meant that the ‘figure of 8’ around my wrists would be double-cinched with strain applied from opposite directions.
I compounded the mistake by tightening the ratchet rope as much as I could, driven by the thrill of my self-bondage and so long without the feeling of being truly helpless. 


All of those problems were far from my mind as I squirmed and struggled in my bondage – it felt so good to be totally helpless again, after so many months of lock-down chastity. I’d loaded my ice release with enough ice-cubes to hold me for over an hour, possibly two (even after all these years I find the variability of ice melting to be both frustrating and, at the same time, part of the excitement in my sessions. Will I be freed in 30mins or closer to 2hrs? Only the ice gods know for sure!)


Ahhh, this is another point at which things didn’t quite go to plan. During my struggles I discovered I could move my bound wrists closer to my body (obvious in hindsight, the ropes prevented ‘vertical’ up/down movement, but not away/back ‘horizontal’ activity. Initially this only made me think of how to ‘fix’ it in my next session, but being of an inquisitive nature I wanted to test how much movement I actually had.


Oh! Now this was not in my plans at all! I discovered I could just, and only just, reach my crotch with the very tip of one finger. Initially this was quite fun because all I could to was tickle the base of my tucked cock, resulting in a nicely frustrating feeling. I would tease myself for a short while and then relax back into my bound position with arms out in front of my body.

Recognising what I was doing, I tried to tighten the ratchet again, thinking it would prevent me touching myself. Oh dear, another mistake – well, two mistakes really. After a few more ‘clicks’ the ratchet wouldn’t tighten any further; what I couldn’t see then, but you can spot from the photos, is that the knot of my loop had reached the ratchet and jammed any more rope from going through.

To being with I thought my plan had worked, my wrists were now (very) tightly bound and held by two taut ropes from the top and bottom of the bed. It was decidedly uncomfortable to pull them back towards my crotch and maybe only 1 in 5 attempts resulted in my being able to stimulate my cock with even the faintest caress.

But once you get an itch, it just has to be scratched!

I found myself returning more and more frequently to my crotch, trying to get a bit more stimulation. I started to yank (in so far as I could) on the rope from the ratchet, hoping that I might squeeze the ice-cubes through the metal ring arrangement that kept me tethered. Nothing gave in that sense, but due to a further tightening of the cinch I did find another small degree of movement and could reach my cock with my fingertip again.

This time my lust was overwhelming and the mists of passion descended, taking away my logical thinking and leaving my animal brain driving me onwards in a frenzy of sexual desire – I had to cum and nothing was going to stop me!

I remember pulling and tugging on the ropes to bring my finger into better contact with my crotch and cock. I knew I was in a degree of discomfort, the combined effects of straining my arms and body, plus the over-tight ropes round my wrists, but my entire focus was on rubbing my fingertip as hard as I could on my tucked cock.

It should be pointed out that at no time did I manage an erection, my cock was folded, tucked between my legs, covered in tight nylon, a Lycra layer and then strands of rope - it was never going to spring to attention!

Ultimately, it was the crotch-rope that provided the final trigger to my orgasm. I discovered that I had just enough movement to use it to rub against, even as I twisted and contorted my wrists and fingers to touch myself – it was that combination took me over the edge and I came, long and hard, soaking my crotch as cum flowed into the nylon and Lycra (I’d not worn a condom, as my plan was not to be able to orgasm!)


For few, post ejaculation, minutes I just lay still on the bed. Head spinning from the efforts I’d just put into my orgasm and body still full of the endorphins that gave me. Maybe 5 minutes past before a sense of my predicament came to me. My crotch was wet from my uncontained cum, growing cooler with each passing moment and beginning to feel a little ‘unpleasant’. Of a growing and more urgent concern was the ache in my wrists. In the throes of my passion, I’d strained and pulled in all directions, which had taken its toll on my limbs.
Worse though was increasing discomfort caused by the tightness of the ropes around my wrists. I’d pulled so hard on the cinches that everything felt locked tight and unmoving. Try as I might I couldn’t ease the cords looser. Over the next 10-20minutes that discomfort went from mildly irritating to borderline painful and I realised I might be in a spot of bother.

Now all my thoughts where on escaping my bondage – attempts to ‘force’ the ice-release to give failed miserably, as did another futile attempt to loosen the ropes around my wrists.


Finally, my fingers (aeady starting to ‘tingle’ which was not a good sign) found the knot that was part of the loop cinch from the ratchet. After much fumbling I finally undid it and….
…was still as stuck as before!

Fuck!  Help

The loop forming the cinch was so tight that it had locked against itself and refused to come free. At least now I could move my arms up and closer to my head, so that I could see (however dimly) what was going on.


Suddenly I remembered the scissors and frantically sought the cord they were attached to, hauling them up to my hands. I resisted the temptation to simply try and cut away the rope, realising it was so tight against my skin that I would be risking injury if I slipped even a little bit. Instead I used the point of the scissors to slowly (oh, so slowly) work open the cinch loop (I’d have paid good money for a small marlin spike right then!)


After much fumbling and not a few moments of feeling I’d never escape, the rope suddenly eased loose and I could sense my freedom actually becoming a reality.


With more struggling and twisting my wrists were free!

Strangely, or maybe perversely, I didn’t immediately untie myself – I just lay there, breathing and savouring my escape. Possibly I was subconsciously thanking my inner self for setting up the scissor escape or maybe a bit of me was disappointed to free from the ropes?


Eventually I did unclip and untie myself – though I didn’t rush to complete my escape, despite the now cool dampness spreading out from my crotch!


As I looked back at the bed before heading to the bathroom to undress and clean myself up it occurred to me that there really wasn’t that much to show for my adventure and near stuck experience. I also checked my ice release and it was still holding strong, though visibly maybe only 15-30 minutes from being small enough to pull through the ring and release me.

What went well?
I was lucky, very lucky, by including an escape method for this session – above and beyond everything else, this was the bit that went well! Look, read and learn folks!  Blush

I could argue that the bondage was amazing (well, it was) even though it very nearly got me into a lot of trouble! I really loved the way it felt to be ‘fixed’ on the bed, less able to move around and struggle like I normally do.

The Lycra suit was incredible to wear and will feature more in my sessions (when I get the chance). I find that without an attached hood everything is a bit easier to manage (I can see more easily for a start!) and I can simply add a hood/gag/blindfold/whatever as and when its best to do so.

Orgasm when tucked was an experience! Not at all what I’d planned (or even considered possible) but very intense and very erotic, at least to me. I confess to even getting a little thrill from ejaculating into my clothing – actually the thrill was more from the feeling of cum seeping towards my ass… err! I’m going to think about that a bit more and consider if I can build on that experience.

Crotch rope on a man! Ok, so this was a real bonus and totally unexpected. I’ve long known (and enjoyed) a crotch rope for holding/pushing in a butt plug, but when combined with my botched attempt at a tuck the result was pretty impressive.

The long butt plug! Oh. My. Goodness! I wasn’t prepared for how that felt going in, being inside me for a long time or, indeed, how it felt coming out! If anyone had told me I could get 40cm (or close enough) of silicon up my ass I’d have laughed at them, but now I know I can and… wow! Again, thank you to  @"ltxrob"  for giving me the confidence to try it. Would I try the even longer versions? Maybe not, but then again…

What could be improved?
I need to refine and improve my wrist bondage and use of cinches (or not). The figure of 8 method has always worked for me, but now I’ve aware of its potential failings and risks, which need to be addressed. In the same manner, my cinching method has proved to be less reliable than I’d previously imagined. I’ve never had the rope loop lock like that before, but I must learn from it and improve – I’ve ideas aeady, though need the time to test them out.

Tucking like a pro! What an embarrassing failure my attempted tuck was, even if the final outcome was actually rather fun! I need to sort out some better tape and practise more (trying to do it with dodgy tape, lube all over my hands/crotch and in a rush was never going to be successful). I’m also pondering purchasing some strong ‘slimming pants’ (or similar) in a size too small, with the idea being that they will both hold everything in place and make ‘stimulation’ that much more difficult.

This final one is a bit embarrassing, but; I got a serious thrill out of making myself cum so close to my ass, and how the seeping of fluid felt around my plugged opening. Thoughts of that have distracted me at work and at night. Now, for some reason, I have a fantasy of somehow linking my own orgasm to squirting fluids up/over my ass – yes, I know, but that’s what it is! I’ve used enemas before and they’re fun, but I’m thinking of something different this time. I think the feeling I’m trying to create is less about a litre or two of fluid flowing inside me and more about a sticky warm ‘spatter’ sensation…. Hmmm, even I’m a bit confused about it all. Needs some more thinking.

Oh, and finally, I have a video and will post it, but…. I’m battling the new verification systems on the sites I’d like to use (apparently my ID photo as issued by HM Gov is crap quality and defeating the scanning systems), so please be patient as I resolve this.

Hope you enjoyed by adventures and please, please, be careful when you play!

So how do you keep your butt plug in place ??
(15 Nov 2021, 17:46 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ](I blame @"ltxrob" this was all his doing)
You're welcome?? 😋 😇
(16 Nov 2021, 03:31 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]So how do you keep your butt plug in place ??

In this set-up I used the control top tights, which worked well - the crotch rope wasn't necessary, though it made 100% sure everything stayed in place.

This plug does have a 'neck', which almost works with my sphincter muscles to keep it in place, but quite - I think its due to the physical size (length) of the plug and my body constantly trying to push it out.

I'll write a better review of the 20 and 40cm plugs elsewhere 

(16 Nov 2021, 09:11 )ltxrob Wrote: [ -> ]
(15 Nov 2021, 17:46 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ](I blame @"ltxrob" this was all his doing)
You're welcome?? 😋 😇

Credit where its due - I was dithering about purchasing the longer version and your comments on the forum spurred me on to 'greater things'!



PS. I'm not looking at the even longer versions - think 40cm is my limit!
Well, it took a long time, but here's the video to go with this session


]Self-bondage Lycra suit ([/url]


(16 Jul 2023, 07:37 )madjack Wrote: [ -> ]Well, it took a long time, but here's the video to go with this session
. . .



I just love seeing a session "in-progress," pantyhose, rope, etc. everywhere and seeing it progress... Thanks again MJ!
I created an account on BitChute just so I could subscribe!
(21 Jul 2023, 21:58 )TieUpTime Wrote: [ -> ]I created an account on BitChute just so I could subscribe!
... and upload ... 😉😇