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Full Version: Post your best not so kinky motivators!
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We all need encouragements, stimulations, motivators from time to time. Post your best motivator! Only one per day! All formats allowed!

This is an "Off-Topic" subforum, so the motivators should not necessarily be about non-vanilla lifestyle ๐Ÿ˜‹

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This is the one I'm currently use daily:

"All changes are for the best"


"Whatever God is doing is for the best"
โ€œWhat is coming is better than what is gone.โ€

Explanations, and how to put it into practice.

Any bifurcation point, any decision, any change has at least two outcomes: the best possible and the worst possible. If (whatever happens) you see the positive sides of the outcome (think of reframing!), and ignore the negative ones, this habit will help the results of subsequent changes to become the most positive (for you).