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Full Version: Computer related things on Ali/eBay/whatever
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Exactly what I meant - completely different models, completely different shapes, different sizes, different angles, completely different ergonomics, different button placements, different switches, different weights, different coatings, made from different materials, etc. 😉 They are all different! That's the thing! Have a look at the reviews on the Inet (also on Ali).
(22 Sep 2019, 12:10 )Like Ra Wrote: [ -> ]m618

Yes, it's "m618 plus" for 19. It's not the best one. Mine is a simplified "m618 mini" with a much better, than "plus" ergonomic, especially for small hands. And just for 13 😋 The best rated is Search eBay DE: m618x. It's bigger, heavier, and with an interesting wheel. And more expensive, of course 😁
Just to add to my post above. On this picture you can see the Delux evolution 😉

And speaking of ergonomics, after researching for weeks I've just ordered a eBay: Goldtouch v2 keyboard.
If you need HDMI/USB/whatever cables, high power power supplies, adapters, look no further - Baseus store. This is an original manufacturer, I bought quite a lot from them, I can highly recommend them, the reviews are fantastic, and... AND there is an ongoing SALE! Going to buy this charger (excellent reviews, the claimed current corresponds the reality): 30W 5A Quick Charge 4.0 charger. (There is also a 65W version).
Currently looking at KingSpec SSDs. Recent tests showed that the performance is similar to Kingston A2000, yet the price is lower. Going to use it as NFS cache for my NAS.

Slower models are perfect for this external USB3.1 case: 2TB SSD USB stick for less, than 200 euros! Or 1TB for 100. Something for travels.
My favourite so far: Gloway 2.5 SATA3 ssd 2TB. 2TB SSD for 125euros. That's the lowest I have ever seen. The reviews are positive.
What about vibrations causing track jumping and bit loss ?
And my second question is, have you heard anything about the 20TB SSD that was so called release a year ago ?
Wait.... that Gloway is a Solid State Drive. Right ?
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