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Full Version: Pure unadulterated fear in one sentence.
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What is this pink thing?

Such an innocent sentence right? Just a pink object. Slightly less innocent is the fact that the only pink object in the vicinity is a bondage hood along with other bondage items. Very less innocent is the fact  I was being asked if that was mine. 

Luckily for me either my mum didn't know what it was or knew enough not to ask. Also lucky was the fact that I had aeady moved out most of my stash by the time it happened. Lightly incriminating but only a mass of belts and plastic. 

If anyone else is in this kind of situation I only have one piece of advice. Make it near impossible to get into your stash without tools or information.  Only good that has come out of this for me I am effectively slowly exposing my parents to the more private side of life, so far they haven't freaked out yet which is promising. They won't be in as big of a shock when and if I turn out to be trans.
All of my gear is behind a lock, however flimsy (tiny combination lock on the zippers of a duffle bag), so it's basically safe from being discovered randomly or should I ever require to be in the hospital and someone needs to grab some clothes for me. Who breaks a lock just out of curiosity, really?

And should I die unexpectedly, well, I'll be dead and can no longer be embarrassed (I am single and my parents turned 80 this year, so while not impossible, it's unlikely they will have to go through my stuff when I'm gone).

Whoever will have to dissolve my household will either have a good chuckle or be horrified. I guess that comes with the job.