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Full Version: New Past Time
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Not really, I am learning, but tight clothes made out of non-stretchy material can be quite one-way, you get in, but the getting out is hard.

I bought me a Churidar Kameez - that is a long top and tight pants that get wider on the calves - something like this: Actually mine is almost a m/f crossover dress, except that it is a bit tighter than typical mens wear (mens equivalent looks like this: - wider and different collar style).

Well, that dress was tailored for me (typical way of buying stuff online from India and the stitching is really cheap - women, no kids!), I had measured myself for hours and was quite successful even. The material is cotton, but quite different from typical t-shirt cotton, it doesn't stretch at all. Now for the past time announced:

Putting on the pants proved impossible, I should have gotten the ends of the legs wider. I actually got in after 5 minutes of struggle, but damaged the cloth when pulling it off again. It can be fixed, but doh!

There was another challenge waiting for me, that I was aware of, but I hesitated for a while, then got a shower (sweaty skin, no matter if wet or dried, sticks a lot to cotton) and ready for the Kameez-Limbo 😊 The Kameez (shirt) is made of cotton, non-stretchable and has a zipper on the back. The sides are open from the hips down and therefore the zipper can be relatively short. Putting it on wasn't too hard, just took a bit of time. My measurements were perfect, snug fit, I can move freely and it looks good (without any effort to look feminine) - well, a bit unusual on a man but who cares. So not really a challenge and I was glad that the package wasn't a complete desaster after all 😊

Limbo? Yep, when taking it off. While putting it on, the arms easily slide in provided the armholes aren't too small (had that on another cotton top with long sleeves, that cracked on the attempt). but when taking it off, you need to pull the sleeves off as well. Hands up to make the chest small enough to get through the hip-line, it is quite a task, I tell you 😊 On the other hand, wearing such a garment is a very special feeling. Taking off a lycra or even rubber leotard, easy. Taking off expensive tights - just like that (snatch). Taking off this Kameez or similar garments, that's like peeling out of rope bondage, except that if you peel too hard, you need a tailor. (In the meantime, I noticed that the zipper was only halfway open, it is much easier to take it off now that I know. )

Well, this is not really my new favorite past-time, and I will adjust my measurements a bit for the next order because this was meant to be a pajama and I haven't got the time in the morning. But - ok, I think I said that aeady... Comes close to lockable clothes, except that you can't really tell the risk of getting stuck - my constant game with rope bondage, so not bad, but nice 😊

I am not sure if anyone here has similar experiences and got enjoyment out of it too, but I am looking forward to your comments.