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Full Version: Where to buy high quality, yet affordable ballgags/-harnesses, preferably in the EU?
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What is your go to shop for high quality ballgags/head harnesses?

There was this german online shop,, that had amazing ballgags and harnesses at affordable prices.

Perfect, shiny silicon ballgag (in multiple colors and sizes), soft, but durable leather straps and very good craftmanship overall.

I still have my first one and aside from some wear on the leather straps, it's still in very good condition and my favourite ballgag harness. The silicone ball is as good as new.

Modelstied regularly used them in their shoots. (I just shot them an email, maybe they have a lead.)


Unfortunately, the shop had to close, "temporarily" as they stated, but they never re-opened.
Still kicking myself that I never bought a spare and their panel gag as well when I could.

I have since tried several shops, but most of them just resell chinese imports at obscene markups (looking at you,

Got several from aliexpress myself and while some are, well, functional, some fit terribly, and most are way to flimsy, e.g. only have a single strap going to the back of the head (seriously, just use an inverted Y-shape, it's not rocket science!), and most importantly, regularly top out at 42 mm, maybe 48 mm ball sizes (mine is 52 mm and just for science I would love to try 60 mm).

Alternatives I am considering are the ones sold by Restricted Senses. They go up to 54 mm and the build quality looks fine, even if the straps look very thin (considering that Mina is petite and the straps look thin even on her).
Big YIKES! on the price though, it would be close to EUR 150 with shipping and customs.


This one is another option, a bit more affordable and claims to be highly customizable, but I don't trust the connector rivets on the straps to withstand anything more than decorative use to be honest.
I am also not a huge fan of the PVC aesthetic.
Tops out at 48 mm 😡


Recently purchased a simple ballgag from McHurt to check the quality.


The leather is very soft and the silicone ball is a bit softer than I am used to as well, but it's very comfortable. Downside (for me, it's a pet peeve I have) is the hole in the ball is circular and the soft strap rolls up going through. I prefer slits that keep the strap "in place".

There is an upside though: you can buy different gags/harnesses with different ball sizes and mix & match them easily. Unfortunately, the head harnesses are not very aesthetically pleasing for my taste and the side straps going close to/over the ears seems also to be a bad design choice. Again: just 👏 use 👏 an 👏 inverted 👏 Y-shape.


Also, the strap has a "smokey" smell (from the curing process?) that somehow rubbed off on the ball when stored in a ziploc.

Any other good stores worth checking out?
What do you think about these: <- I like this one, nose hooks is a welcomed bonus.

Yes, not leather. And 48mm is my maximum 😯 😁
I bought my last one from bondage.bob on eBay and will definitely go back on him :

Very good seller and I had it custom made since it's original harness design has the upper ring too high on the head. (I have a quite small head)

Made in good quality leather, good silicon gag and I even had it custom made with carabiner O rings which allow to change the gag. So I have one harness and 3Z different gags : a 45, a 55 and a ring gag.

I can post a photo tomorrow if you'd like.
At the risk of being a bit philosophical there's nothing in the world that someone can't make a little worse and sell a little cheaper.
Choughina, I'm looking at you!
(28 Aug 2021, 18:34 )no smile Wrote: [ -> ]I bought my last one from bondage.bob on eBay and will definitely go back on him :
I think he resells from Aliexpress. See my links above.
Oh not at all, you can see by the photo that the Ali-one uses cheap thin leather while mine is not. The leather is much harder and durable than other Ali gag I bought. And since the leather had a custom length for the link between the gag and the upper ring, it definitely is not a simple resell….

Also, in my gag, every buckle is lockable.

Maybe the gags come from Ali though.
Bondagewebbing's stuff is excellent - here's their ball gag harness:

I have their inflatable butterfly gag harness:

The design is excellent. The use of tension locks instead of buckles is great because you can really fine-tune the fit. Super comfortable but you can also make it very tight and effective. I'm sure the ball gag harness is similarly well designed.
(28 Aug 2021, 21:25 )no smile Wrote: [ -> ]Ali-one uses cheap thin leather
The Ali harnesses are not made from leather.

(28 Aug 2021, 21:25 )no smile Wrote: [ -> ]it definitely is not a simple resell….
I comprared the photos, and, indeed, they are different. for example, the steel rings on eBay are coated (rubber?), the rings on Ali are wrapped (in what?) -
Try this one:

Everything made by that guy. Unfortunately I didn't found english version of his pages but google translate can help a lot I think.
looks amazing.

I am looking for a leather or rubber muzzle gag. anyone tips? well in Europe. so no china
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