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Full Version: M2F Transgender queens and cuties (NSFW)
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Inspired by a brief discussion I felt a thread about beautiful/cute m2f trans women was warranted. I did a brief scan and couldn't find one.

I only yesterday started frequenting subreddits dedicated to trans women and some of them knocked my socks right off, this one in particular. Just gorgeous and adorable all around.

I mean, look at her:
(spoiler tags for dick peekaboos, no gaping buttholes or anything)

(I won't bother with posting their profiles, since almost all of them are basically spamming the same images in order to promote their OF pages. I mean, good for them, I wish them all the success in the world, but it's pointless to link here - unless someone really wants to know.)
(10 Aug 2021, 22:55 )RedEmeraldKitsune Wrote: [ -> ]It always amazes me what hormones can do to the body...
I'm not sure if it's just hormones. That's more like a combination of youth, race (e.g. in the last example), makeup, style, photography, and post-processing.
+ mannerism

Think of

(There is a dedicated thread - but the photos were hotlinked and disappeared).
(10 Aug 2021, 22:55 )RedEmeraldKitsune Wrote: [ -> ]It always amazes me what hormones can do to the body... if you happen to take them when you are young. Really indistinguishable.

And yet I'm amazed how humongous some of their hogs are. Shrinkage is quite common after HRT therapy I just found out, yet some of those penises put mine to complete and utter shame. Maybe they are still early in the process of transitioning, but still ...

I think it's bullshit that god (or whoever created this universe) just put a randomizer button for "dick size" on the character creation screen and called it a day. Dodgy 

Yes, I'm fairly average. Why do you ask? Blush
Yummm, redheads. Yes, probably heavily filtered. The mind does not care.
Strong Karen Gillan vibe in the second shot (left side 😁 )

Spoiler for full on erection.

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