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Full Version: Hi everyone!
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Hi everyone, I'm 'Tom',  41 years old, 1.83m, approx 81.5kg and very much into lycra, spandex and lately DIY chastity cages with inspiration found on this brilliant website. I'm a fairly ahtletic guy who likes to do sports, I ride my bikes about 4 to 6 hours a week (wearing spandex, yes yes haha) and do a weekly half marathon run. 

The fetishes are a one-person show, my wife is most definitely not into either of these fetishes, we've established that years ago aeady, for her sex is very much a way of showing each other love and affection (she does put on the occasional lycra hotpants for me though, she knows it drives me wild). 
Her fetish is letting me fuck her in the mouth and cum in it, while she uses a little clit vibrator. We both get off this way in the most amazing way, I can tell you that that is the most awesome feeling ever, being sucked dry balls deep by the woman you love, while she moans and wriggles in her own pleasure making all the right noises. Most times though, we have pretty standard, affectionate cuddly sex, which is absolutely fine by me. 
However, when I'm by myself I like to take it to another level, small lycra shorts, self bondage, buttplugs with heavy bike-lock chains attached to the feet of the bed, dildo's, the electric toothbrush etc etc. I even once went as far as using a taped-shut diving mask with the snorkel almost blocked-off for limited breathing ability, combined with an industrial Peltor silencing earprotector I went on to fuck a dildo on a stick while being sensory deprived, a very intense experience I can tell you lol.

Anyways, that is just a little history. The thing I've been interested in lately, is chastity-play. I have no wish for long-term chastity. While being kind of a handyman I always like to make use of stuff laying around the house to play around with, and the PVC tubing blog post I found on this website was the exact inspiration I needed to create this: 

[Image: ME13PNFH_t.png]

[Image: ME13PNGC_t.png]

In the meantime I've created another version that is slightly more comfortable, as the red cap is pointed inwards. The inside space is slightly too small in this version, but there is absolutely no way to pull out. 
Anyways, I could go on for hours about this stuff, but this introduction is quite a bit more elaborate than what I've seen on this website. I hope the pics are ok, not offensive and inspirational to other people. It was actually quite arousing to make them and post them to a public website. As soon as the new device is ready and I have some time on my hands, I'll make some pics.  

Thanks for joining @Tommi! You are very-very welcome!

Let's link your comments to the blog post you mentioned: