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Full Version: Zippers, lacing and zipperbots.
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Just a concept thread for now but I am trying to think of how to make traditionally finicky zippers and lacing easier to do up in a self bondage situation as they tend to fail extremely often. Zippers often fall off track or jam under stress and lacing while reliable require adjustment and lacing to be taken up only at specific points.
The traditional thing is that zippers and lacing are cheap and easy ways to close up clothes but what we want is absolute reliability and ability to do automatically.
The problem I see with zippers is that when under stress the zipper is what is taking the load. If that stress could be mitigated it would solve most common problems

Lacing has the complicated problem of requiring more to be taken up continuously. I do not know why it is easy to do up shoelaces but difficult with armbinders, is it the stress? The difficulty of forcing your arms together without crushing could be problematic. Is it friction? That should be able to be solved by coating the lace with lubricants or to smooth it over. Does anyone know?

For brainstorming ideas

Laces could be fixed by using planetary motion gearing to increase the force applied on the lacing. After all who cares if it takes 10 minutes to wind up? Testing will be needed to ensure that the machine stops when the lacing is tight enough and not to cause excessive discomfort. Smoother eyelets and laces should also reduce the problem of excessive friction.