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Full Version: Breast forms vs plates
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Has anyone used breast forms and plates and can offer an opinion? I currently have some A and B forms but want some bigger and tempted to try getting a breast plate.
It's going to depend on how wide of a chest you're aeady working with.

I myself have a rather broad chest and wide shoulders aeady, so most plates don't fit on me. The breasts end up too close together in that situation. This is the situation when forms would be best.

Additionally, how long do you plan on wearing this augmentation? If it's more than 6 hours, you're gonna be dealing with blister issues and sweat with a chest plate, no matter the amount of talc. Forms are also your friend here.

Really, putting this post together, the only advantage to a chest plate I can think of is the potentially seamless integration with a costume, and potentially the feel when wearing it, depending on the material. If you have the narrower frame for it, go for it.

Otherwise, I would highly recommend sticking with silicon breast forms. If you get a good quality, they can take daily use, and even some shibari if you're a fan of that. Just know that neither type is meant the a full body squish, so no planking. 😉

If you would like some recommendations, I would be happy to provide some. I've purchased far more of both types than I probably should have. Pretty sure between my girlfriend and I there are at least 22 breasts in this house. 😅
(03 Jul 2021, 19:26 )subyasha Wrote: [ -> ]Has anyone used breast forms and plates and can offer an opinion? I currently have some A and B forms but want some bigger and tempted to try getting a breast plate.

My experience is that a silicon breast plate is only nice for a short period. One can get very sweaty inside.
In addition they mostly sell them in gigantic sizes which more or less disgusts me. I have one which I bought for a C cup but to me it looks more like at least E. To find a modest and far more realistic size you have to look very hard. Also you have to pull those over your head which is in principle not a big deal, but it increases the risk of ripping them and also they kind of squeeze your throat a bit. I do not like that feeling.

In breast forms you have much more choice and you can get exactly the size you want. You can get them such that they stick to the skin or don't. whatever you prefer. And because you have the freedom to put them individually at the spot you want to have them, you have also a greater choice in bras. There is a large variety in quality, starting at half styrofoam balls for next to nothing to very fancy silicon ones that cost hundreds of Euros/Dollars/Pounds. The last ones are of course much nicer and can last many years, provided you are careful with them. Those can almost give you the feeling that they are your own.

Of course these are my personal experiences. Those of other people may be different.
I have a bra with pockets to hold the forms. Personally, I find this the most convenient way to wear false breasts.

As for the breast forms, they tend to be expensive, but 200 € gets you a good quality that lasts for years.

If you just want to try the look under clothes, try socks filled with lentils or rice, they have about the right weight and size as you please. Closed with a knot, you also have nipples 😉