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Full Version: Hi from kkstockings
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Hi everyone,

I am a 40 something red head from the UK. I enjoy wearing stockings (especially fishnet) and heels, which my husband greatly appreciates 😉

I love the feeling of walking around in a nice skirt or dress with no knickers, justa nice pair of fishnets underneath and the highest heels I can manage to walk in 😂

It makes me feel so desirable, especially when I accidentally let a bloke or two get a surreptitious glance and I see his eyes popping out of his head. It's all I can do to contain myself till I can get home for some relief!

I have just started uploading some content to please stop by and request anything you would like to see 😘


Here are a couple of mine 😘
Here are a few pics of me. I hope you enjoy 😘