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Full Version: Permanent butt plug idea
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You know the problem and so do I. Eventually one does need to poo.

The holy grail would be to make an insertable bidet that is both hygienic, pleasurable and comfortable long term. For reference this is what aeady exists.

The best way to use the current model is to make a mold of it out of dissolving filament. Then inject a stiffer silicone to make a hygienic and more resistant.

My room for design improvements is this. 

First. This device has nothing pleasurable about it other then the plug and water jets. I would use solvents or silicone oils to melt a Lovesense hush down to expose its motors and wiring underneath. Repositioning the motor into an area close to the prostate or vagina would greatly improve the pleasure of the device and reduce the need to replace it with a sex toy. 

Second. This is a multitask but you can absorb water through your butt believe it or not. With enema hydration it should also be possible to reduce water loss by peeing/sweat. If you can use one way flow valves on the inflow and caps on the outflow you should be able to flush out poo and let in water for rehydration. Using caps and flow valves also reduces the risk of contaminants entering the butt from the outside.

Third to improve comfort a much smaller ring is needed before the base to reduce strain on the anal muscles. The flared base should also be replaced with a slit one for better long term comfort. I would suggest holding it in with a chastity belt to avoid having to have a gargantuan sized toy to prevent slippage I would also have the section where the muscles rest ribbed to hold onto more lube.

For use of it I would set it up similarly to the existing one. You can use a shower head to pump in water and to dispose of waste through the release tube. Once water is clear you can then cap it off to store water similar to an enema. Once plugged up simply turn on the vibrator and use normally. This design works best with a chastity belt where it can hold the toy in and means no excuses to take the belt off.
version one of learning to make a butt plug. Simple curved retaining slit. Needs more work on the surface and the tip should not be spiky.
Version 2. Rounded tip. Some undulations for fun. Made the slit more pronounced. Rounded section to guide butt muscles.
I like the water jet placement and design of the original other then a few places that are difficult to clean and that could trap waste. How large are the shower fitting in Europe? Here it is 1/2 inch. Will work more on the piping. Also if you wonder why I am abandoning some of the more organic piping of the original that it because I am making a mold to fill with silicone instead of using the printed product, need to reduce overhangs and supports is less of a concern.

Placements of the pipes will be the same as the original. One forwards to break up poop and a few on the sides to clean. The thing I don't understand is whether the waste water will be able to flow further down to reach the waste ports or whether the intestinal lining will prevent the flow. If anyone knows better please tell me.
Complete redesign. Input and output semicircle tubing. Need to fine tune a few things and add in flow vents but much closer this time around.
I always liked the idea. Sign me in!