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Full Version: How to have a bondage hardpoint/area that is inconspicuous.
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Have a bit of a problem. Bondage is nice and well but when you can roll around and move about you kinda need an attachment point to prevent excessive movement. It needs to be strong and inconspicuous which means you need to mount it onto something durable and that can take your weight with no issues.

A support beam of the ceiling can be a good choice and can be disguised with smoke alarms but you can only have one hook in the ceiling before it raises even more questions. 

Is there any way to have an area for bondage that isn't awfully suspicious in a house aeady built and not very modifiable? For now I conveniently have a closet that has rails but they are not very strong and certainly not capable of bondage to. 

Furniture is also nice but it limits your available positions and can also be unreliable which is an annoyance. 

The attic would be nice if it is not a health risk with fiberglass insulation and very hot. 

Any ideas?
I have a gas and a water pipe close to the ceiling that go from the front door to the kitchen.
I use beds.
Beds are good for being comfortably uncomfortable.
Totally co-incidentally I noticed I have an identical bed to another poster here, one 'Dreams' used to sell as the 'Kenya'. Great minds think alike (or fools seldom differ?)
Beds for me too.

I'm lucky and have quite  a choice when it comes to bondage points (cellar, attic, garage, etc) but experience has taught me that a good framed bed is ideal.

(15 May 2021, 08:35 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]or fools seldom differ?
I built a bed out of kee klamps and 1 1/4" steel pipe. It's not a canopy bed... yet, but one day it will be. It's aeady hundreds of pounds (weight and value) as is. If you don't have chains attached in each corner like I do, it easily just looks like I have a preference for industrial decor.