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Full Version: Stroke of genius. Zip up beer cooler fists.
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So I was looking for more self bondage stuff as usual when I had a moment of pure genius, I saw a few very stretchy zip up beer coolers and instantly realized they could be used for encasing your hands for a very cheap price. Simply put your hand in and zip up. Not much too it. Depending on where you live they may be called something different but I am referring to the thing you put on bear bottles to stop them from becoming wet and warming up as well as preventing your hand from freezing.
Also known as Coozies or Koozies.
Any photos? Links?
I was very curious about these too, so I had to look them up.
As you're currently only allowed to drink in the beer-gardens of pubs in the UK and it's been the coldest April in ninety-nine years your beer's likely to be warmer than your fingers anyway.
(09 May 2021, 19:54 )Culmor Wrote: [ -> ]it's been the coldest April in ninety-nine years
It's all Greta's fault.... Give me my global warming back!!!
Quote:Give me my global warming back!!!
Keep up! It's 'climate change' now.