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Full Version: Pantyhose with bracelets or chains
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I generally love bracelets. Bracelets (or chains, or strings) can be worn on wrists or or ankles. And pantyhose or stockings bring bracelets to another level. ...wink-wink...

Side question: do you like bracelets over or under pantyhose?
This photo can go in many threads here: candid pantyhose, high heels, black pantyhose.. But I think this thread would be perfect for it!


I like both, but I prefer under. That way the bracelet stays in place, and those micro bumps feel delicious. 😁
Definitely like ankle bracelets over pantyhose.  Looks elegant and feels nice attaching a delicate little chain over your pantyhose covered ankle.  Pantyhose wearers should give it a try!