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Full Version: Virtual Show High Heels Museum. Anything for you?
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What shoes would you like to have in your collection?

Start, for example, with high-heels and extreme.
This ones look quite useful. Also for suspension self-bondage 😉 [attachment=703]
I'd like these:


It looks as if it's a pull-on zipless style, I doubt it is though 😟
I'll make the admission, as an self-confessed footwear fetishist I generally don't like thigh-boots, I prefer boots knee-length. I'll perhaps make an exception for lycra stocking-boots (remember 'Hollywood Heels' anyone?') but I've yet to see a pair of leather (or even, gasp, rubber) thigh boots that have a satisfactory fit about and above the knee.

That said I do own two pairs of high-heeled black rubber thigh boots (one pair with and one pair without platforms). Both are a disappointing fit above my knees. Although quite tight fitting they won't stay up by their own elasticity and after a few steps the weight of the upper leg part makes their knees go all baggy 😟

As an aside, a pair of Dolcis over-the-knee boots were the first fetish clothing I ever bought when I first left my parents house over thirty years ago...until then the only thing I'd ever bought for pervy purposes were the Lyn Marshall yoga books...
Since I do not visit any fetish parties, I'm pretty happy with 5" stiletto heels from Pleaser (an article about these shoes is in my queue and yet to be published). I use them for both self-bondage and fetish photos. (The old shoes are completely broken ).

If you are bound you're not supposed to walk around, are you? So 6-7-8" heels look quite appropriate here. Probably next year ... But I have quite a long wish list aeady 😉
The shoe-gag here looks like fun. I have never considered something like that in SB, but... hmmmmm...
(28 Aug 2010, 19:06 )spandexed Wrote: [ -> ]The shoe-gag here looks like fun. I have never considered something like that in SB, but... hmmmmm...

The shoe is not even inserted in the mouth.... Nah ... booooring ... 😉
my love of what my friends call dangerous shoes means I would love to wear these
and these
20kg? Even Kylie would overload them.