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Full Version: esophageal-tracheal combitube. The most extreme or safe method of breathplay/gagging.
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So I found these things on Google as I was on the rabbit hole of ventilator tech from irons lungs to modern stuff when I saw this thing. It is in the title and basically is two tubes and two circular cutoffs that you ram into an unconscious persons throat to provide ventilation. 

  What interested me more about those for long term gagging is that the 2 tubes can be used to feed/water a person and allow for easy breathing while preventing speaking/screaming/moaning as the air cannot pass through your larynx or mouth. One tube usually is a straight shot down which is supposed to be used for the stomach while the perforated one is for breathing. What I was curious about is while it is used specifically to help those who cannot breathe, it shouldn't be too hard to breathe normally with one in although for extended periods the air is likely too dry and cold. Also once installed it blocks the stomach from your airway so you cannot choke on your vomit or saliva like a deepthroat gag.

Could have sworn I saw it on Likera before one night but idk.
Interesting thing.

AFAIR what was mentioned in the forum is an anti-snoring "gag". It does look like a deep-throat tube.