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Full Version: Crossdresser leg training belt
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Has anyone ever seen a cd/tg training belt?
I ask this because I just notice at my favorite bar, that girls sit with their legs closed and almost all the guys had their legs open. So......
I’m thinking of a leg training belt. It would go something like this...
A waist belt around the waist, with 2 or 4 straps hanging down that connects to another belt that is about 4 inches above your knee. The leg belt would keep your legs closer and could improve your girlish look.

So, what do you think? Any comments?
Actually, I think you may have.
When I visited Tollyboy in 1999, we made chastity belts. One model was a stainless steel waistband. A pair of chains went to a pair of thigh cuffs. The thigh cuffs were then locked together to keep one from spreading their legs.
Unfortunately, because the thigh were steel and in two prices, the cuffs would slip, and not work at all.

Now, some poly webbing, adjustable buckles and some elastic straps, one could make that not only keep your knees close, but would also prevent the elastic strap from climbing or slipping down.

I really think it could work.
Very good idea of a proper feminine training!

Another solution would be to use tight pencil or hobble skirts/dresses. With high heels, of course 😋
True, but wearing skirts and hobble dresses every day is a fantasy and not very practical. Still thinking how to do this while wearing jeans.
(23 Mar 2021, 19:11 )RedEmeraldKitsune Wrote: [ -> ]but pencil skirts are definitely my top pick.
Just in case: Pencil skirt fetish
Found something interesting.
If you take a belt, and place it just below your rump and tighten it, you can still wear your pants/trousers/jeans and the belt will help to keep your knees together.
As for the horse shoe idea, it’s starting to look promising.
Ok, I think I have this figured out.
This leg training belt has a pair of thigh bands, we all know this, connected to each other by a piece of Spring Stainless Steel that is pre-bent to look like a letter “U”.
The spring steel will bring the two thigh bands together, keeping your knees together. If you try to part your legs, the spring will pull your legs back together.
The whole assembly can be kept in place by the waistband and a set of flat chains.

That’s what I’m thinking.
I definitely need either a drawing or a photo.
Picture Drawing of legs training belt, for trousers or skirts.
Yea, it took me a while to figure out how to make to work on jeans and skirts.

Yes, leather thigh bands will work.
Or!!!!!!!!! Ding...Ding...Ding...
Fit the “U” shape spring inside a pair of chastity shorts.
Now that would be a winner of an idea !!!
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