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Full Version: Been kinda hooked on Fap Roulette lately.
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I tend to avoid the more extreme and unrealistic stuff but using a roulette to decide position, gag, location, time, etc. is pretty entertaining.
I used some kind of a bondage/fap roulette when I was a kid.
Ok, I’ll bite...
What is this thing again and is there I picture ?
(03 Mar 2021, 14:30 )Tinker D Wrote: [ -> ]Ok, I’ll bite...
What is this thing again and is there I picture ?
Got it.
When I was a kid I would draw a list with various ideas and then rolled dices. Then I tried to use programs written AIML language to generate bondage scenarios. Unfortunately, the AIML interpreter ("Program O") got abandoned in a very buggy state, so I stopped with playing with AIML. It's a shame, because I have lots of ideas and even trained a neural network to use with this chatbot. However, with the arrival of GPT-3 it makes no sense anymore 😁

There is a dedicated thread for chatbots here:
And here's the abandoned chatbot Miyuki:
You can speak with her. Or just type "tie me up" several times.
Oh, I just found this - I love it too! Am putting together a short collection of things that might be realistic to try... (or that at least have me very excited) - had one roll of a piss one this morning, which was fun.