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Full Version: [FOR SALE] Masterlock 5441D keyholder box
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for sales a Masterlock key holder box
the key holder can set te box up and give or sent the box to a slave.
then the slave can open the box when the key holder wants it !  
ideal for chastity and bondage

  • Open and manage with your smartphone.

  • The Master Lock® Vault Home App is designed for personal use, supporting up to 10 locks.

  • Can also be accessed by entering a traditional code on the keypad.

  • Schedule access now or in the future.

  • Provide permanent or temporary access.

  • Includes mounting hardware for easy installation.

  • Use the App or web to track usage.

  • Low battery warnings.

  • Large storage capacity for keys and access cards.

  • Easy to replace battery (CR123A preinstalled)
List Price: euro 150  
my selling price 100   exclusive sending cost