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Full Version: Triathlon wetsuit
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I bought this neopren triathlon wetsuit. Its from Sailfish.

It fits perfectly and i can wear it all day long.

In the winter i put on a t-shirt and go for a run. Its great to go outside like this.


Looks nice. But my question is....
Does it have or come with a convenience zipper between the legs ?

No there is no zipper between the legs. Only on the back.
ive been wanting to get a tri suit for a while.... just have no need for one at the moment... for sport or other activities.! 😉
I'm using sometimes a tri suit from Orca (with a back zipper, but not a wetsuit) on bike during summer. Definitely more comfortable than convenient bike clothing for shorter trips.
Yes, when cycling, a Tri-suit in lycra is much more comfortable than some of the other forms of clothing normally used for the pastime. I can't get on with the padding in cycling wear, feels too much like wearing a nappy - which is not one of my needs!

I have several made by various companies - Skins, FDX, Gore, Muddyfox etc.

Nice suit BTW.