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Full Version: Vasectomys Can Be Fun
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This may be of limited interest to many on here but who knows. This is what happened post-op:

After the vasectomy one is advised to keep off sex for a few days to let things heal and then let "nature take its course". The first time was a bit daunting but that feeling of anxiety soon leaves and before long it's back to normal.

However, one cannot have unprotected sex for up to three months until the doctor can determine whether the snip was successful (or not) and so we went through a number of condoms. Which I happen to like as they're rubber and tight rubber is cool, right?

The first sample for testing is after three weeks and my wife once again obliged my sordid fantasies by donning her sexy nurse's uniform once again. This time she chose a pale pink dress with contrasting white piping at collar and cuffs, a long white tabard and a super shiny, pink PVC pinny, with high bib. Matching pink rubber gloves and a rubber nurse cap completed her uniform and she soon got my firmest attention. Talk about straining the plastic...

As we had to collect the evidence, my wife took things in hand so to speak and pulled down my plastic nappy. After a few brief rubber stokes it was all over, with an enormous sample collected into the glossy PVC of her apron.

A quick scrape and into the pot for testing just an hour later and the first sample was delivered to to the hospital with me still in my naughty panties.

Three months after my operation my wife had to take the last sample for testing to ensure the vasectomy had taken.

Once more I was treated to a glorious dressing up session, this time she had on a dental hygienist uniform, in pale, mint green. A green/white stripe, water-proofed, nylon tabard covered her uniform (which rustled deliciously every time she moved and she also wore a green/white PVC butcher's stripe bibbed pinafore. Her hair was under a plastic surgeon's cap and she had drawn on tight surgical gloves.

She asked me to sit in the armchair and then reached into her apron pocket to show me a white, plastic dental bib, which she then tied around her own neck.

Kneeling in front of me, she then proceeded to give me the hottest blow job you can imagine (rubber gloves and soft plastic of the bib all playing a major part) and then, at the point of climax (again, sadly far too soon), I delivered my final sample all over her bib.

Again, a simple matter to scrape all the goo off and place it into the pot to be analysed a couple of hours later.

The result was all clear and we've never looked back since.