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Full Version: Home automation with remote access
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I didn't see anyhting too related to what I am doing using search so I thought I would describe my system and see what happens.

I use an older version X10 based home automation system called an ISY99. Actually I use 2. One for the house and one for a DIY estim machine both of which can be connected to the internet for remote control. These older untis go for about $25-50 on ebay. The newer version is overpriced at about $250 retail.

I use TENS 3000 for estim. These go for around $30-40. I use 2, nipples and cock currently. These unit are basically analog so you don't have to press a button if they are turned off by the ISY99. I run the TENS units with a battery replacement that connects to a 9V power adapter controlled by an X10 module.

A late addition was a clunky system to adjust the TENS intensity knobs with a small motor.

You also need a bunch of X10 modules so the ISY99 can turn things on and off. For example I use an electromagnet as a key drop device. The ISY99 controls the electromagnet. The nice part is that if the electricity goes down then the key is released. The bad part is that the electromaget gets hot 😁 and if the electromagnet is on for a long time then it takes a while for the key to drop after the electricity is cut, like a minute ot two for an hour capture.

The ISY99 is easily programmable including programming loops and has a web interface for executing programs, including over the internet. I have had a few people play over the internet so far but it is great for self-bondage with a long running program for estim.

There are a few commercial units that work better I'm sure but they are way more expensive, like minimum $400.
If the electromagnet is only holding a key, have you thought about reducing the current flowing through it to stop it getting so hot.
Exactly. I had an electromagnet cuffs, that were supposed be powered by 24V. They got very hot at 19V, so I used 12V and I could not open them. For a single key even 3-5V should be enough.
(07 Jan 2021, 00:23 )egregious Wrote: [ -> ]If the electromagnet is only holding a key, have you thought about reducing the current flowing through it to stop it getting so hot.

It a little more complicated actually. The key itself doesn't touch the magnet. I use a bracket to contact the magnet which holds the key and a weight to make sure the key drops. So the metal bracket gets hot. So it's not like I burn my fingers trying to quickly unlock my cuffs. Occasionally I may touch the bracket trying to get to the key. But I certainly can try a lower voltage power adapter. Thanks.